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  • mr Ian MacRae
    I didn't think that this would have been any good as I used my points and got it at a great price.Well I have to say I was wrong as it's an ace bit of kit.It looks great and works a treat.Rubber strap is fine but you have to pop the pin through the holes as they just didn't finish the strap off or maby that's what you have to do,I've no idea.Anyway the face is nice and big and I can see easy without my glasses.Loads on it and pretty easy to set up via bluetooth.You can use it to make calls,answer,message etc and its ace.So all in all the phone is well worth the money and I'm going to be buying another as I rate it well worth the money.Now the bad stuff 1st of all the instructions are a joke.No way on this earth could I read them NO WAY.So bin them and just play about with watch and you will manage to set it up easy enough.Works like the phone you have so just take your time and you will manage easy enough.2nd is the cable lmao well lace of cable it should read.Its just so small but what I paid for the watch it's ok I guess.Thats the only 2 things I found wrong with the whole lot.All in all well worth the money.The photographs show just some features as they are more on the watch.

    Aug 01,2019

  • Stan
    Nice and adorable product. Very elegant and a must buy item at an affordable price. Thank you gearbest

    Jul 12,2019