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  • Sam
    Fun product
    - The robot comes in pieces so you can have the fun to assemble it yourself by following the instruction manual.
    - Once the robot is assembled, you just have to pour salt water on its battery (located on its head) and the robot will move on its own, which is a cool concept.
    - Mine works fine and was overall easy to assemble, though some parts required a bit of force.
    - I tried a 1 salt : 5 water mixture (as recommended by the instruction manual) and it worked well.
    - The battery uses magnesium. The robot comes with 3 magnesium pieces that decay when used. Each piece is supposed to be good for 4h of continuous usage, so you can expect your robot to run for 12 hours of total time. You can (and should) dissassemble the battery and wash it between play sessions in order to maximize its total life
    - Can be an entertaining way to teach your children how batteries work
    - The instruction manual is weirdly written (appears to be translated from chinese)
    - Looks fragile (especially the electric wires) , so adult supervison might be needed
    - The box was a bit damaged (but not the product inside)
    - Since it also runs on magnesium, you wont be able to use your robot indefinitly with just salt water, but that should not be problematic as I doubt someone would want to play with it that much

    Jul 20,2018

  • dragoslav
    The products are correct as well as the delivery. I am very pleased with the products and your correct relationship

    Dec 03,2018

  • mohamed el bertouli
    Love it Amazing product!Love it so much!
    because is very good , For me there is no problem with it, I loved it very well, I showed it in my organization and was impressed by my friends

    Oct 15,2018

  • G Miguel, H. S
    Gracias, buen producto en perfecto estado., GRACIAS. SALUDOS.

    Jan 22,2019