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  • Serhat Bülbül
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    Fiyatına göre başarılı
    Ürün 14 günde geldi ürünün plastik yapısı kaliteli fakat aynı şeyi görüntü için söyliyemiyecem görüntü noktalardan oluşuyor anladığım kadarıyla içindeki lensten kaynaklanıyor ekran büyüklüğü gayet güzel şunu göz ardı etmeyin 190 tl ye projeksiyon Türkiyede yok malzeme alıp evde yapsan bu fiyattan pahalıya gelir evde sinama keyfi yaşatır yinede.Ses,boyutuna göre yeterli ufak bi hoparlörü var önünde cihazın boyutları ufak cebine koy götür.Kumandanın alıcı gözü cihazın arkasında fakat ön cephedende alıyor Powerbank ilede çalışabiliyor fakat zayıf kalıyor gündüz verim alamadım projeksiyonun lümen değeri zayıf geliyor.Altyazılı filmler için uygun değil yazılar okunmuyor.Çok beklentiniz olmasın sadece büyük ekranda vasat bi görüntü alabilirsiniz ben bunları bilerek aldım mantıklı düşünmek gerekli paranın fazlasıyla karşılığını veriyor 3.85 metre uzaklıktan yansıtıyorum 2.35 metreye 1.50 metre görüntü alıyorum 5+1 ses sistemine bağladım görüntü karecikli fakat sinema gibi büyük ekranda seyredebiliyorsun (tavsiye edilen uzaklık 1.5 - 2.0 metre arası)Genel değerlendirmeProjeksiyon : ***Ses                : **Görüntü        : **Fiyatı             : *****Satıcı             : *****Ortalama      : ***Genel olarak fiyatına göre kalitesi gayet iyi Seyredilebilir bir projeksiyonun fiyatını baz alırsan 1200 tl altında pek yokSonuç : bu paraya projeksiyon alıyorsunparasına göre tavsiye edilir

    Jan 01,2019


    "We are sincerely sorry for this issue.

    Any issue please kindly feel free to contact our support center, we are always here to provide the solutions for you.

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  • Andrey
    Tak (1) Kolor: Yellow Rozmiar: EU Plug
    Inexpensive and compact projector for home video viewing.
    This baby will surprise you. It's worth to start with an attractive fun design and miniature. In the length of only 12.5 cm. If desired, the projector can be put even in a purse, which means - take with you wherever you go. Despite the size and the budget price, the model has good characteristics and functionality. At its price, the projector was surprisingly bright, even when illuminated, the picture remains readable. From a distance of two meters, the pixelization is almost invisible, and the size of the "picture" is 1.3 by 0.9 meters, but the quality corresponds to the price. FullHD video plays without problems or brakes. Due to the compact size, you can carry on business presentations or at home watching movies or cartoons in the nursery. Another feature is the ability to work from a bank, connect a USB / microUSB cable and the projector works not only from the 220V network, but from 5V, which will carry in pluses. The main disadvantage - this is not an ideal picture quality and squares for close viewing. Another disadvantage is the fact that the IR receiver of the control panel is located at the rear of the projector, so you will not be able to make a presentation near the board and switch slides.

    Oct 17,2017

  • Jorge C
    Tak (2) Kolor: Yellow Rozmiar: US Plug
    Excellent projector
    Excellent product for the price, i wanted this projector for playing around and watching movies with my daughter, so its perfect for me, is only 15 ansi lumens bright so that you will need a low light place for watching it, also it is brigter connected to the wall charger, thats because the charger is 12v, so when you use it with a usb battery or charger it only gives 5v. you can make a 12v connector to use it with the lighter plug in your car and have a video projector in you car. Also i tried it with a 2TB hard disc drive connected to the usb and the projector worked great, When playing hi resolution movies/videos, the video stops every 2 or 3 seconds, but thats not big deal, because the native resolution is only 320x240, so is nonsense playing hi resolution videos on this projector. Also the build quality is pretty nice, remote control has a smooth silk surface, in the end im pretty happy with this product. Also the projection image can be larger than 60", the problem is that when you put the projector farter from the projection screen the luxes diminish and the image looks less bright.
    it has no internal battery, it would be nice to have a retrofit led with more ansi lumens.

    Jul 19,2016

  • Davide
    Tak (2) Kolor: Yellow Rozmiar: EU Plug
    Modesto ma utile, usefull in the right occasion
    In assoluto il prezzo; very low price for the product; Con il giusto posizionamento, ovvero tra i 2 e i 3 metri e mezzo dalla parete su cui proietterete, si possono ottenere immagini apprezzabili; good image if 2 or 3 meter and half away from the wall; Audio di buona qualità e con un volume alto ( la tengo sempre al 50%) ; good power and quality for the audio; Diverse entrate, hdmi, rgb con adattatore incluso, usb, microsd ( vedi anche cons); Alimentabile sia a 12V( caricatore incluso) sia a 5V( via micro usb, anche con powerbank, vedi cons); chargiable with 12V cable included or trough 5V microusb ( but the light emitted will be considerably lower); Supporto universale per cavalletti; universal support for easel; Dimensioni ridotte ( meno di un libro, lungo e largo quanto uno smartphone 5.5", ovviamente molto più spesso); reduced dimensions ( as a book);
    Non luminosissimo ( ma sufficiente se la stanza è buia); light a bit low, to use in a dark room; Cavo per la corrente troppo corto, probabile bisogno di prolunga; charging cable too short; Il vano microsd è difettoso, non trattine la microsd per cui al minimo movimento essa si sfila; microsd port is a bit defective, microsd could fall down; Non ha una batteria interna; no internal battery;

    Feb 11,2017

  • axl
    Tak (0) Kolor: Yellow Rozmiar: EU Plug
    led projector
    The projector is small and easy to set up. The plastic it'd made of feels cheap, but it's compact.The fan is a bit loud however the sound is ok (don't expect much). You need to use it in a dark room, and it is not suitable for outdoor use, except maybe in a quiet environment, with additional speakers and in the middle of the night because of the light.It does heat up but not to an uncomfortable degree and can be handheld.The remote is an added bonus.The size is a definite bonus, can be taken on the go.
    - resolution is not that great, but fair for the price

    Dec 04,2016

  • CyclOrBit
    Tak (0) Kolor: Yellow Rozmiar: EU Plug
    It works great if you need something to carry around
    Small video projector, it´s handy to carry around, but it does not offer a great resolution.THE GOODPriceDesignConnectivity (USB, SD Card, HDMI)It has a speakerTHE BADThe resolution, it didn´t even allow me to read some textYou can´t see much unless the room is really darkBOTTOM LINEIf you need something portable, with low resolution, to use in a really dark space, go for it!

    Aug 24,2018

  • Diego Galvão
    Tak (2) Kolor: Yellow Rozmiar: EU Plug
    Mini Projetor muito eficiente
    O YG-300 é um projector de baixo custo, capaz de projectar num tamanho desde 24 até 60 polegadas, com uma resolução nativa de 320 x 240 píxeis (com suporte de entrada até 1080p) e tem 400 a 600 Lúmens.Vem com uma série de interfaces, nomeadamente AV, HDMI, cartão SD, USB e saída de som de 3,5 mm. O projector permite reprodução directa dos conteúdos a partir do cartão SD ou da ligação USB.
    Nada contra. Deu tudo certo

    May 23,2018

  • Pedro
    Tak (0) Kolor: Yellow Rozmiar: EU Plug
    Usefull, cheap and small
    Works perfectly (in a dark room). It's visible the pixels when projected (small resolution) but very aceptable for the price and size. Teste only for now photos and vídeos from usb port.Works with the remote (included). Recomend for a cheap solution of TV in dark rooms.

    Dec 30,2018

  • FoxyNori
    Tak (0) Kolor: Yellow Rozmiar: US Plug
    Mini LCD Projector
    *Inexpensive *Tripod mount on the bottom *Build quality is OK, Small and compact *Can power up and use with power bank *Speaker are loud enough *Multi-connectivity: Micro SD, USB, HDMI, 3.5mm *Projector is good for dark room
    *Resolution is low, but for this price you really can't complain

    Jun 12,2016

  • Gabriel
    Tak (0) Kolor: Yellow Rozmiar: US Plug
    YG-300 lcd projector
    Amazing image quality for the size and price.Image is better than my more expensive projector, I Kidd you not. Quiet with explosive color clarity. Two thumbs up and a smile. Keep up the good work Gear Best!
    can't figure out how to use built in battery.?

    Jun 13,2016