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  • Castle
    Useful watch
    The watch itself is not heavy and doesn't move around much while I'm moving my arm which makes it nice not having to constantly adjust my watch. It not only tracks my heart rate but it keeps track of how much I've been walking and when it comes to exercising, it will keep track of how much and how long I was exercising. Within keeping track of my workouts, it will also give me up to date readings of my heart rate. Easy to wipe clean and easy to use.

    Mar 27,2021

  • Yumi
    My boyfriend like it!
    This watch is lightweight and well-made. I use it to monitor my sleep, heart rate, and breathing. Customization is great. I could choose to watch dials to fit my outfit. The battery lasts for a long time. The screen is big enough to displays a lot of information. Sensitive and responsive to touches. This watch is better than I thought. My boyfriend was satisfied.

    Dec 09,2020

  • Frank
    everything is fine
    I have bought other smart watches/trackers in the past, they are all very good, nothing special. I bought this mainly for its appearance, but all the features it provides are impressive. It looks exactly the same as the picture, it looks more beautiful. It also looks more expensive! I have used it for a week and everything is fine

    Dec 10,2020

  • John
    Excellent value for the money
    I think this is an excellent deal for the money. It has very good features that are comparable to high end brands. It's a very nice looking watch, elegant. I really love how this thing looks. Very classy, very impressed. The heart rate monitor is very accurate. It has different faces you can choose from. I like it very much.

    Mar 25,2021

  • Bonnie
    Very good smart watch
    A very good smart watch, Bluetooth connection is fast and convenient, and can monitor the health of the human body, this function is very good. The high-definition touch screen is sensitive to control, and the color resolution is also very good, soft and not glaring. I am very satisfied with the stylish appearance

    Dec 08,2020

  • Jody
    I like this watch
    I like gadgets and I am always looking for new watches with different functions. I like this watch with smart functions (phone notifications, etc.) combined with fitness functions (workout tracking, etc.).

    Dec 10,2020

  • Larissa
    Happy with watch
    Pretty much everything about this watch worked as advertised. The health data reads quickly and seems to be very accurate. It's made of nice materials and looks great on my wrist. Very happy.

    Mar 29,2021

  • Chase
    Great looking watch
    Great looking watch. The screen is bright and easy to read. The screen is also very responsive and simple to navigate. The app also worked well and synced with my watch easily.

    Mar 31,2021

  • Larissa
    I like it
    Water proof - never take it off even while showering. This was extremely important to me because I always like to keep the watch on for all activities.

    Mar 26,2021

  • Sweety
    Good quality and looks
    A solid product, which exceeded my expectations although I am picky about quality and looks. The build is good and the display colors are nice.

    Mar 29,2021