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  • Ivy MacArthur
    Impressed for what I got
    I'll be the first to admit... My plan was to get something "entry level" and see how much I enjoyed it before investing in something far more expensive. Well, I'm definitely super-impressed for what I got.
    My screen is in my living room right next to a sliding glass door so, in the mid-afternoon, the colors are washed but it's still watchable. I watched football all day on this thing... on a 180" screen and it was definitely adequate. And, in a well-darkened room, it's absolutely amazing. The image is sharp, the focus was easy and also satisfied with the sound.
    Overall, I am very happy with this projector. If you're in the market and this is your price level or if you're like me and not sure if you want to take a plunge into something far more expensive, you won't be disappointed.

    Apr 23,2019

  • Sidney
    Bom para o preço
    Ele é bom para uma primeira experiência com projetor, a luminosidade é razoável para ambientes escuros, mas próximo a janelas ou ambientes com pouca iluminação a qualidade de projeção fica prejudicada. A qualidade de som é agradável, boa para filmes e música em ambiente pequeno e fechados. Estou com dificuldade em adequar a distância do projetor em conjunto com a regulagem de foco, com 3 metros de distância o foco fica prejudicado, o resultado são letras borradas e imagem sem qualidade, o melhor foco e imagem consegui com 2,5 metros, utilizando regulagem fina. No geral ele atende o seu propósito, mas com baixa qualidade, mesmo utilizando o painel de projeção. Para usar em paredes, recomendo que escolha uma de cor bem clara e com boa pintura, caso contrário terá uma péssima qualidade de imagem por conta da parede. Pelo preço, recomendo.

    Jan 31,2020

  • Hermosa Judith
    Great projector!
    First off, this is the only projector I've ever owned, so I can't really compare it to other ones. However, I'm really impressed by the quality. I was going to buy a projector screen, but I think it looks great just on the wall. Even during the daylight, it looks quite clear, obviously, the darker the room, the better the picture, but it also looks fine in the light. I plan to use it outside for watching sports, but haven't tried that yet. Sound quality is pretty good too. I turned the surround sound on in the menu and it works great for watching movies. One feature that I appreciated was the ability to reduce the image size, so I’m able to adjust the image to perfectly fill the wall space.
    Great product for a great price.

    May 17,2019

  • Rae Twain
    Amazing for the money!!!! 5 stars
    Amazing for the money!!!! The VIVIBRIGHT F10 hone entertainment projector is great right out of the box. This is the affordable projector you have been looking for, I have looked for many many evenings before I pulled the trigger!
    The image area it projected on the wall is adjustable from 60 to 300 inch, I put the projector almost against the back wall, I think its 5 meters away from the screen wall, roughly. For the image quality, it has 2800 lumens brightness and 15,000:1 contrast ratio, provides quite good images, at lease enough for me.
    I am not impressed easily, this is totally worth its price, as long as it works for a year or so...

    May 24,2019

  • Ana
    Excellente calidad precio
    El proyector me llego por dentro en excellente estado..pero la caja estaba maltratada, y el envio se tardo demasiado ya que pusieron que no tenian en stock.
    El producto es excellente se ve nitido recordando calidad precio. Y es rapido en los cambios de dispositivos me gusto mucho y lo recomiendo mucho.

    Nota: preguntar a la tienda si lo tienen ya para envio, porque sino tardaran mucho tiempo.

    Aug 18,2019

  • RoberArize Arize
    projetor f10 vivibright adorei!
    Sensacional amei! recomendo sim, estou bastante sastifeito fiz ninha varenda virar um Cinemão, com esta maravilha de projetor. o unico ponto negativo foi que devido a greve dos correios demorou um pouco pra min receber, tudo bem! realmente com diz com o ilustrado, as especificacães dele sao reais, muito bom mesmo o projrtor!👋👋👋

    Oct 06,2020

  • Cristiano Rodrigues
    Best bang for your buck!
    Great quality projector with 720p native resolution that can play 1080p content with great video quality.
    The speaker is good enough although I will recomend an external sound system to get a more immersive experience

    Oct 06,2019

  • Quincy Webb
    Great projector at an affordable price
    I have had this projector for a few days and so far it has exceeded all expectations especially given the low price. I only plan on using this occasionally for movie nights, it is the perfect projector.

    Apr 23,2019

  • Blanche Galsworthy
    Great performance and quality for the price
    Wow! I was a little hesitant to buy a projector in this price point, but I couldn't be more impressed. The picture is incredibly sharp and the volume really booms even when used outside.

    Apr 28,2019

  • Ree
    This is ok to use occasionally, but the fan noise is super loud. But the image is better than those project that have a typical native sd credential.

    Nov 17,2019