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Lefant M501-B Odkurzacz robota Inteligentne mopowanie APP Pilot Wi-Fi
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Lefant M501-B Odkurzacz robota Inteligentne mopowanie APP Pilot Wi-Fi

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Automatyczne ładowanie / FreeMove / Sterowanie głosem i aplikacją
5 4 Opinie | Please refer to English description
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Main Features

FreeMove Technology: The robot vacuum will prevent probability of getting stuck in advance, such as bottom of sofa, bed, carpet, threshold, wiring area, etc, which enables almost fully automatic cleaning without interruption, no need of manual intervention.

High Efficiency Cleaning System: Designed with powerful suction, M501-B Pro uses a roller brush combined with dual side brushes to clean everything from small particles to large debris on hard floor and thin carpet, remote control and APP control are available to adjust the suction levels(low, middle and high), the robot vacuum comes in default middle level suction.

Voice & APP Control: Compatible with Amazon Alexa Echo and Google Assistant. Use Le Robot APP to customize, schedule, monitor cleaning modes, direction controls, receive error alerts, OTA firmware, etc. The All new LCD remote control also have booking function.

Running Time: 2600mAh lithium battery ensures at least 110min working time, the entire apartment can be cleaned at one time. The vacuum will automatically returns to the charging base after finished cleaning or the power is low.

High Capacity: 0.6L dust box.

More features:Unibody design, low failure rate, even quieter with optimized internal airflow structure, anti-falling, anti-collision, auto charging, LCD remote control, one year warranty and so on.


Battery Life
2 hours
Dust box capacity (L)
0.6-1 L
Filter Type
Model Number
Voltage (V)
Wet And Dry
Power (W)
Remote Control
Dust Storage Type
Dust Box
Timing Reservation
Cord Length (m)
Cleaning Route
Random Type
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5 out of 5
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  • Jason
    It's outstanding
    This product is outstanding; it works as advertised and our floors have never been cleaner. It works on wood floor and carpet and makes the transition very well. It gets underneath couches very well and provides good coverage of the entire can get the hair in hard to reach places like under the sofa. On a full charge, it can clean for about 2 hours. I do have to clean hair out of the brushes weekly, and sometimes carpet will pull clumps of hair off of the brushes. I set it to wake up at 6 am automatically everyday. I can honestly say my house is dramatically less hairy

    Oct 29,2019

  • ciud
    always do good job
    I always thought these robot vacuums were dumb or ineffective. But for some reason I decided to try one. OH BlOOLDY HELL it has honestly changed my life! I wasn't clean every day, but now when I come home to a fresh and clean floor, I feel accomplished. It works SO well, cleans up a lot every day even when I think there's nothing to sweep. I have a cat that sometimes comes inside, but not for long, and yet this picks up all the hair. It goes under furniture, doesn't get stuck on much, and has never gone down the stairs. It saves alot of your time for vacuuming manually.It is GREAT.

    Oct 29,2019

  • Brent Holland
    Powerful and applicable
    It is easy to set up and works very well.
    ceramic and laminate floors, no problems with transitions. it finds a way to get around.
    push the 'home' button on the remote, then it is recharging.
    super quiet,never and ever bothered me.

    The dirt collection bin has to be emptied a few times a week and I have to cut the hair wrapped around the brush away. This is worth it for the cleaning it does.
    I bought some of the "virtual wall" magnetic boundary strips for it - so it would avoid going into the bathroom with its fuzzy mats, and around the dog's food bowl.

    Nov 06,2019

  • hayes
    worth every penny
    Very good robotic vacuum cleaner, super strong suction. Working brilliantly on my living room which is carpet floor and wooden kitchen floor, It's does it job very well even the corner or under sofa. use a magnetic strip so you can set out the area you want it to avoid. Self-charging technology with I'm really excited with. Got different mode you can set for it to clean. Very low noise, doesn't disturbing when I'm sleep. Worth every penny.

    Nov 06,2019

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