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Beelink GT1 - skrzynka telewizyjna z pilotem głosowym
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Beelink GT1 - skrzynka telewizyjna z pilotem głosowym

- czarny Wtyczka UK Z Voice Remote

Obsługa Netflix 4K / Amlogic S912 / 3 GB RAM + 32 GB ROM / 2.4G 5G WiFi / 1000 Mb / / HDMI 2.0 / VP9 / H.265 / Obsługa HDR10
4.77 1985 Opinie | Please refer to English description
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Opisy Beelink GT1 - A

Beelink GT1 - A z najnowszym procesorem. Jest wyposażony w procesor Amlogic S912, który umożliwia płynną rozrywkę. Posiada również filtr redukcji szumów 3D.

Główne cechy:
● Procesor Amlogic S912 z rdzeniem oktowym jest szybki i stabilny, może dać szybkie sprzężenie zwrotne i płynną odpowiedź.
● Android 7.1: w porównaniu do poprzedniej wersji, ludzie mogą łatwo instalować lub odinstalowywać aplikacje i gry.
● Dual Band WiFi: 2.4G plus 5.8G może poprawić prędkość, która może realizować wielozadaniowość.
● Sieć LAN 1000 Mb / s może w znacznym stopniu poprawić prędkość sieci i wydajność.
● Dekodowanie H.265 i VP9-10 Profile-2 zapewni zdjęcia i filmy w wysokiej rozdzielczości.
● Posiada filtr redukcji szumów 3D, który jest wygodny, aby cieszyć się wysokiej jakości rozrywką.
Uwaga: produkt obsługuje, ale musisz go zainstalować samodzielnie. Ten produkt nie obsługuje funkcji miracast systemu iOS 9.0.
Uwaga: klawisz „Media Center” na pilocie to tylko dekoracyjny przycisk, brak funkcji.



Marka: Beelink
Model: GT1 - A
Rodzaj: TV Box
GPU: ARM Mali-T820MP3
System: Android 7.1
procesor: Amlogic S912
Rdzeń: 1,5 GHz,Octa Core
Baran: 3G RAM
Typ pamięci RAM: DDR4
Max. Zwiększona pojemność: 64G

Obsługiwane nośniki

Obsługa dźwięku przestrzennego 5.1: tak

Szczegóły Produktu

5G WiFi: tak
Bluetooth: Bluetooth4.0
Zasilacz: Adapter ładowania
Berło: DC 5V,HDMI,LAN,Gniazdo karty Micro SD,SPDIF,USB2.0
Język: Wielojęzyczny
Wersja HDMI: 2.0
Inne funkcje: DLNA,Pliki ISO,Miracast

Informacje o oprogramowaniu

Bit systemu: 32Bit

Wymaganie mocy

Rodzaj mocy: Tryb zewnętrznego zasilacza

Informacje o akumulatorze

Bateria pilota zdalnego sterowania: 2 x bateria AAA (brak w zestawie)

Wymiary i waga

Waga produktu: 0.1930 kg
Waga paczki: 0,5100 kg
Rozmiar produktu (dł x szer x wys): 9,60 x 9,60 x 1,60 cm / 3,78 x 3,78 x 0,63 cala
Rozmiar paczki (dł x szer x wys): 17,30 x 13,90 x 5,40 cm / 6,81 x 5,47 x 2,13 cala

Zawartość Paczki

Zawartość Paczki: 1 x Beelink GT1 - TV Box, 1 x pilot zdalnego sterowania, 1 x kabel HDMI, 1 x zasilacz, 1 x instrukcja w języku angielskim
Beelink GT1 - skrzynka telewizyjna z pilotem głosowym- czarny Wtyczka UK Z Voice RemoteBeelink GT1 - skrzynka telewizyjna z pilotem głosowym- czarny Wtyczka UK Z Voice RemoteBeelink GT1 - skrzynka telewizyjna z pilotem głosowym- czarny Wtyczka UK Z Voice RemoteBeelink GT1 - skrzynka telewizyjna z pilotem głosowym- czarny Wtyczka UK Z Voice RemoteBeelink GT1 - skrzynka telewizyjna z pilotem głosowym- czarny Wtyczka UK Z Voice RemoteBeelink GT1 - skrzynka telewizyjna z pilotem głosowym- czarny Wtyczka UK Z Voice RemoteBeelink GT1 - skrzynka telewizyjna z pilotem głosowym- czarny Wtyczka UK Z Voice RemoteBeelink GT1 - skrzynka telewizyjna z pilotem głosowym- czarny Wtyczka UK Z Voice Remote

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4.77 out of 5
  • 1592
  • 346
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  • Bob
    Tak (20) Kolor: Black Rozmiar: EU Plug Without Voice Control
    not impressed
    I bought this streamer because of the good combination of price and spec. Unfortunately I was dissapointed from the device. The main cons I found:
    1. It is getting way too warm. It rises up to 80 degrees Celsius and more (!) after watching any full length movie ( I measured the processor temp. with a few unbiased apps) . So I am afraid it will not have too long service life.
    2. It can not handle Youtube clips of more than 720P resolution. 1080P or 4k clips are far beyond its reach....
    3. It lacks analog audio out. It only has HDMI and optical (spdif) audio out.
    4. I have had severe video quality issues - movies didnt run fluently but frame after frame on a specific setup where it wasnt suppose to.
    5. Its WIFI is very weak. Almost useless, unless you put the streamer on the router itself but then you dont need wifi...If you are close to the router just connect it with rj45 cable.
    6. and more...
    After using it for about 1 month, I decided to go back to my 4 years old Minix neo u1 (It is also sold here on GearBest) which has lower spec but performs much better than the new Beelink. I thought the amazing specification of the Beelink will upgrade my and my family's movies watching experience and this is why I bought it. Unfortunately the new streamer downgraded our experience... I have a great relief now after going back to my old Minix.
    I must mention the good customer care of GearBest (as usuall) and their true will to help but when the product is not capable then nothing will help...

    Sep 24,2018

  • STang
    Tak (1) Kolor: Black Rozmiar: UK Plug Without Voice Control
    Beelink GT1 Ultimate is an almost perfect TV Box to own.
    My comments on the Beelink GT1 Ultimate are basically about its TV Box performance and not the gaming side of it as I am not a gamer.

    Generally it is very good under $100 TV Box with more pros than cons. It's solidly built yet compact with all the necessary connection ports.

    Internet connection speed via LAN and 5G WiFi are probably one of the best within similar category of TV Boxes. Coupled with the 3G DDR4 RAMs, it has little buffering while streaming of HD quality videos of movies, TV shows and IPTV programs with good video quality.

    With the HDR mode activated the colours of the video images are vivid via the box settings which I find not very intuitive.

    The only cons I face is - it occasionally has trouble rendering YouTube videos at HD quality, the video gets garbled up, when using the YouTube mobile version app. However by dropping the quality to SD or switching to YouTube Android TV version app, the issue seems to resolve.

    Hopefully Beelink will have an OTA update on this and it will be an almost perfect TV Box to own.

    Oct 03,2018

  • kostas
    Tak (0) Kolor: Black Rozmiar: EU Plug Without Voice Control
    Great tv box
    I use it heavily for five months now. Great streaming maschine for downloading movies and series and simply incredible in live tv. You get 720p and 1080i at ease. If you want 4k ... get real and buy a better tv. If you like football and sports this is the box for you. You have more ram memory than you will ever need and if you have an adequate internet speed then you know you have done the best you could to stream anything streamable! Only a weak source (or a locked source...) can stop you from watching whatever you want. Very good for playing games also (not my thing). I have just put a 64 gb micro usd card in order to make a large movie library (over 90gb in total). Best performance comes with ethernet connection. Wi fi connection is not reliable. Stable perfomance. Crashes are rare. You can reboot within 35 seconds. The box control works fine but it is not an air control. It gets the job done but sometimes you need a mouse. The box is the absolute streamer. Highly recommented by me.

    Sep 24,2018

  • Giuseppe
    Tak (3) Kolor: Black Rozmiar: EU Plug Without Voice Control
    Tv box test
    The DOLAMEE D9 does what its made to do which is stream and play videos from online sources using Kodi, Netflix, or other services.

    A Kodi android TV box in 2017 should have at least a S905 or S912 processor like the DOLAMEE D9, so it has the ability to stream online content well.

    The 1.5GB of RAM is a bit below the 2GB recommend in 2017 but still much better than the many 1GB versions.

    1.5GB of RAM will have no problems running Kodi and streaming videos and helps to lower the cost.

    Overall the DOLAMEE D9 is a good unit for the price. It is a box built for those on a budget so don’t expect to much.
    o external antenna
    Poor remote
    Launcher menu UI

    Final Thoughts

    I hope you have found this Dolamee D9 Review useful and if you did, you are welcome to share.

    Do I recommend this box?

    I would say it’s a good investment as a backup or to use as a bedroom box.

    Apr 24,2017

  • Paulo Almeida
    Tak (1) Kolor: Black Rozmiar: EU Plug Without Voice Control
    Beelink GT1 Ultimate
    - A powerful device with an Octa Core processor, 3G of RAM and 32G of storage space;
    - User inteface is easy to customize;
    - The H.265 decoding provides nice streaming for large files;
    - Nice remote with some features not found on other Android TV Boxes;
    - Works excellent with Rii I8 Mini 2.4Ghz Wireless Touchpad Keyboard With Mouse;
    - The price is excellent for this powerful Android Kodi box.
    - Good and active community.
    - Home screen isn’t customizable except for favorites area.
    - Isn't very different in performance terms from the last model Beelink GT1, so if you already have the GT1 you don't need to upgrade to the GT1 Ultimate.
    - Very buggy firmware.
    - Beelink didn't fix properly the bug with the old Sony Bravia tv.
    - Beelink doesn't seem to care to care enough about this product.

    Apr 24,2017

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