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  • Jchien
    Useful device, but 2 issues
    This was a very inexpensive way to connect audio devices to a stereo that did not have an aux input or Bluetooth. The sound quality is decent, sometimes you can detect a little hiss, but for the price it does better than I expected. The two issues that I have with it: 1) if you are playing a source, and the source pauses for more than a minute, then it automatically sleeps and the radio that was connected will produce very loud static. I would rather have it keep broadcasting silence. 2) the battery really doesn't last. It is pretty much necessary to keep the USB cable plugged in or it will die quickly. But even with those two issues, I am happy with it because it is a good solution for mey needs.

    Jun 23,2019

  • JHA
    FM transmitter HIFI
    I was astonished on how awesome this sounds. This little transmitter sounds like Im playing a high quality cd or a digital file. The stock stereo system in my car sounds excellent but the CD player isn't working so this transmitter took its place. I have the songs loaded on my smartphone then i just plug this transmitter in and turn on the FM stereo in my car and make sure they are on the same channel and you will be amazed.

    Oct 30,2018

  • Theodore
    Useful and easy to use gadget
    I have used it to transmit music from my phone to my radio but the best use I have found is that I could transmit the TV sound to my radio and enjoyed the sound from 2+4 speakers
    It was kind of hard to find a free frequency on my radio for the transmitter

    Jun 04,2017

  • Vladimir
    Good FM Transmitter!!!
    -Something for your money!

    -The ability to broadcast music with the release of the phone and the reception on the car stereo,music centre with radio and other devices

    -Fit for daily use

    Apr 30,2016

  • k-lee
    diffusion radio FM
    TRANSMETTEUR via fréquence radio FM, branché le par le jack sur le smartphone ou sur la prise casque de n'importe quel appareil et le son sortira par votre radio ou auto radio réglé l'appareil ainsi que votre radio sur la fréquence 8.75

    Feb 03,2018

  • Istvan Hajdu
    It's a very usefull car accessary! It's working fine! The sound quality is very good! So it's worth the price!
    I use this FM transmitter for a time, and it's working fine! Ididn't find any problem!

    Dec 23,2016

  • Michael Dufour
    Can't beat that
    - Great sound, almost no noise (if you have some, try to lower the volume a little on your audio source, your phone or whatever).

    - Easy to use : one button to go up in radio frequency, one button to go down, and a power button...You plug it in, turn it on, select desired frequency, and it works...

    - The price !
    What cons ? :)

    Sep 02,2016

  • JR
    Easy2Use & large distance
    Top item, easy to use (plug n' play) and "large" distance for receiving - roundabout 20m. Great! After one hour accu going down and receiving distance too. It's better to use always power supply.

    Jan 28,2017

  • Igor
    Works well..highly recommended
    Excellent build quality and easy of use.

    Aug 02,2016

  • Hrvoje Terzić
    Works very good
    Sound is very good, strong bass, loud, very strong signal. Excellent buy.

    Mar 03,2017