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  • Meg7805
    Perfect for Multiple Devices
    I frequently travel and camp with a friend that has a different style phone charger than me. We have been at events and campouts that she doesn't have her cord at hand, so even though I may have a spare power bank to share, I don't have the cord for her to use. This solves that problem completely. As a bonus, I found that I can simplify the cords on my nightstand with this since I can charge both my phone and my kindle at the same time. I love the length of the cord so that I can use the phone while charging. The length after the split works too to allow you to use the device while charging the cord. The cord provides you with a lightning charger for apple products, a micro-usb end, and a usb-c connector. I'm loving being able to use one cord for multiple devices.

    Aug 29,2019

  • SherBear
    Less Cords, Less Mess
    These cords are so great. I put one in my car to eliminate the need to constantly change the cord in the outlet when I want to charge different devices. One cord does the job of three! I can charge my Samsung phone, while charging my spare battery, and my daughter's ipad all at the same time from one car outlet! I put another next to my bed because I have a huge mess of cords for different devices. Now its just the one cord with three splits. So much less cluttered now. I plan on buying a 3rd one to keep in my luggage to save space and eliminate the need to drag so many cords around with me when I travel weekly for work.

    Aug 03,2019

  • Kye Johnson
    Perfect for gatherings!!
    I purchased this to keep at my parents house , as we always have gatherings with a large amount of people that attend. Everyone has different phones and everyone always has dead batteries. Not anymore! The cord is very long , which is certainly handy when plugs are low on the wall. It will charge 3 different devices at once, and they all charge quickly no matter how many you have plugged in. Love love love this purchase. Great price for two durable, multi functional chargers! Highly recommend!!

    Aug 19,2019

  • Traci C
    So convenient
    These are so great in a household of 7 and every one of us has a different phone or tablet to charge. So many cords laying around is really frustrating to me so having 3 on one instead of 3 separate cords cluttering the house is wonderful. The braided design also seems to hold up much better in my household. We go through so many cords. The length is also great. Nothing irritates me more than having to sit awkwardly with my phone while it's charging.

    Aug 17,2019

  • Tera Uhl
    A smart cord for your smart phone
    How come I’ve never had one of these chargers before?? I’m always struggling between a couple of things I want to have charging at once. This solves that problem. One of the Chargers I don’t actually need, but it is handy enough to have the other two on one cord that I am still giving them five stars. Seems high quality and durable so far.

    Jun 10,2019

  • Cynthia Pereira
    my fave charger
    I am so happy I bought this charger. I'm a school teacher and I have 3 chargers in my desk. The cords get all tangled, and take up so much space in my drawer. I saw this charger, bought it, and now I only need one at work. The best thing is that you can (and i have) charge 3 devices at the same time!!

    Aug 11,2019

  • Sara Larkins
    Quickly charge 3 devices at once!
    This is the thickest charging cable Ive ever seen! It's very durable and you can charge 3 seperate devices at once! I love the long length so you dont have to be right next to an outlet while using your phone on the charger. The 2pack is nice also. One for the car and one for the house.

    Aug 09,2019

  • Lena
    So convenient
    This cord charges all of my devices quickly. It is so convenient to have one cord that can charge 3 types of devices. I keep it in my suitcase for traveling so I know that I will always have a cord to charge whatever item needs to be charged

    Aug 19,2019

    wonderful for kids
    My husband and I bought this specifically for the van because my 8 year old never could sit close enough to reach the closest charger. works great and the multi point charger lets him charge both his devices at the same time

    Aug 19,2019

  • Meliza Feliz
    Very convenient!
    I was surprised that it actually charges 3 devices at the same time. Haven't checked to see how charging speed is affected by multiple devices but it probably depends more on the adapter you plug the USB into.

    May 19,2019