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  • Jimmo
    Great little printer
    Lie te title sy! assemble with y yo during the a an as printin h aternon.ftereadngevreones experine as ready toprnt be mounts an atot oi obly parts, uti didn't need to. This printer is totally solid! No wobble at all, everything is tight and no bed wabble or lose fits Te ony issues e had as loading flaent trouthtefeder, wount trount teote ido tee e l ound itok slke an aimntise,andjstng the part o the sqee rbber elpd ot ony teris e e ilenen e i t t t o o litlb ifr o opl nch s ow y o undersand ower thewe enght song enough to use, and print the test part in thepictre which came out awesome Id have the silocone boot on the extruder blok, an noze tem says solid al the wa hrough the rint althouh aven'ts di itou ut ti i o eala n ip it. nd pr rentptrt ou ut beue ebeth si o pan aded babithtr beltnsoner next.All in alli think its a really great 1st printer, and will be using for quite a while to come

    Nov 19,2019

  • Thomas
    eally worth the price
    This is my first adventure into 3D-printing so l was a bit skeptical if l'd be able to build it and get it to work, especially as this is a very inexpensive printer.Guess what... bilding was fairly easy, the documentation was quite good although could be a bit more detailed.Getting it to work was astoningsly easy, the calibration model that was included on the micro sp-card became perfect I recommend using painters tape or similar on the bed and also glue if the part is small.Wooden filament was a bit tricky to get to print without clogging (mainly due to the filament itsel), but when raising the temperature to 210 degrees it works fine.All in all, you'll get a lot for the few bucks spent

    Nov 19,2019

  • justin adams
    great starter printer
    little tough to put together, instructions coulis brew better but plenty of you tube reviewers have assembled and you can find loads of info. 1 st print ok need top tweek a bit and refine.

    Feb 29,2020

  • alexsie48
    Tronxy x1
    Pretty good printer once you add a part cooling fan. I would have liked allen screws but its $100 at the end of the day. Print quality is good and that's what matters.

    Mar 13,2020

  • Nathan
    Tronxy X1
    This was a very good buy 1 had some trouble getting it to print at first but it started working, it is missing 3 spacers but I fixed that with Lego Technic spacers the

    Nov 19,2019

  • Eric
    starter 3d printer
    Printing equipment is constantly updated and updated, and I have produced some high-quality products that can be provided to anyone who wants to start 3d printing

    Nov 19,2019