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Haier XShuai is a brand owned by Haier group, which focuses on the innovation of high-end intelligent terminals and smart home solutions. The company is committed to let everyone enjoy high-quality intelligent devices at affordable prices.We are investing in the development of robotic interfaces to enable users to interact with our series of products in richer and more convenient ways.

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Co mówią ludzie
  • XShuai HXS - C3 Robotic Odkurzacz XShuai HXS - C3 Robotic Odkurzacz

    XShuai HXS C3 Robot does it job as should. Unfortunately it don't have laser room scan but camera let see room, also let hear and speak vie home's Wifi.

  • Robotic odkurzacz XShuai T370 Robotic odkurzacz XShuai T370

    Since I purchase this robot it has made my life much easier by doing work I don't have to do and its very reliable. would recommend it to anyone looking for a robot to do the work for you.

  • 4PCS XShuai T370 Robotic Odkurzacz Akcesoria 4PCS XShuai T370 Robotic Odkurzacz Akcesoria

    Muy buenos accesorios necesarios ya que el producto es de muy buena calidad y los necesitaras para sustituir cuando se necesiten.

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