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PLUZZ was established in China. PLUZZ offers the best products as amazing Mobile Phone.PLUZZ focused on the Feature Phone, Smart Phone Through diligent development and corporate governance, its products have sold exceptionally well around the world.We have an endless strive to deliver the best products. This is our official website

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4.7 z 5

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  • PLUZZ PL4010 4G Smart Phone PLUZZ PL4010 4G Smart Phone

    Overall, I can recommend this phone for everyday use or as a phone for dedicated use during holidays.

    It looks good, feels trustworthy and robust in your hands.
    It has only a low amount of preinstalled 3rd party stuff on it and has an excellent runtime on battery.
    It's GPS isn't magic but a useful navigational aid, its audio sounds good even at high volumes.
    Its touchscreen is precise and responsive, the display readable in daylight.
    And its cameras are more than capable to take snapshots and pictures for postcards.

    Now the details:

    This device would receive full 5 stars when there wouldn't be any bloatware on it.
    Those auxiliary programs preinstalled, such as an additional soft keyboard, can in part not be uninstalled by the user.
    That single drawback aside, which is a personal preference of mine, this device is very solid.
    Its lightweight, fits safely into an average ( european ) hand and can be comfortably controlled with just the thumb of the hand holding it.

    Screen quality is very good, even with daylight. True, it's not a Samsung flagship device,
    but I wasn't aware it was even possible to source such a good display at the devices price.

    Sound is good, too.
    Again, when you go full nerd on the device with an oscilloscope then, yes, it won't compare to Harman-Kardon equipment.
    But in its price segment it can present itself proudly.

    The reception is ... Good.
    I live in a rural area in Germany, where I rely highly on channel 20 for the 4G data functions.
    Whilst it supports that channel, its compact wideband antennas can't do magic.
    But I DO get some signal, even if the transmission speed is low.
    In cities reception improves drastically.
    So, for international city dwellers reception should be good, for a rural cavemonkey from Germany like myself, ahh...
    Speeds feel like GPRS at times. But there is a stable connection.

    Battery runtime is good.
    The Spreadtrum CPUs power is astonishing and comparable to speeds I'm accustomed to from Allwinner A33 chipsets found in many 7" Tablets.
    It's graphics engine is sufficient to play games, albeit at low settings. Also, demanding games will make the device become warm.

    But you didn't really buy this phone to go hardcore gaming, did you?

    It's integrated radio however.. that one is awesome.
    Using just my headphones for an antenna, it tracked four more stations than my stationary FM radio clock is able to receive.

    The cameras are weak in low light conditions and the flash lacks the power to illuminate more than half meter distances.
    Fast motion the camera is to slow to image properly, but well lit stills are vivid and crisp in the detail.

  • PLUZZ p523 750mAh battery 2.4inch IPS 240*320 1.3M camera Flip function phone. PLUZZ p523 750mAh battery 2.4inch IPS 240*320 1.3M camera Flip function phone.

    Basic Information Brand PLUZZ
    Model P523 Color Gold+Black
    Operating system CPU MTK 6261D, one core,260MHz
    RAM 32MB ROM 32MB
    Battery 750mAh Display Size 2.4"
    Type QVGA, IPS Resolution 240*320
    Cameras Rear Camera 1.30MP

  • Telefon funkcyjny PLUZZ P2240 2G Telefon funkcyjny PLUZZ P2240 2G

    Viskas ok, mamai tinka, lengvas naudojimas, veikia gerai, patiko.

  • PLUZZ P2140 2G Quad Band Phone PLUZZ P2140 2G Quad Band Phone

    I got the phone mail for calls. Has good quality and features to block spam numbers, Comes with good battery and charger.

  • PLUZZ P2140 2G Quad Band Phone PLUZZ P2140 2G Quad Band Phone

    the best of luck with your friends are the only ee f I don't know what I

  • Telefon komórkowy PLUZZ P2250 2G Telefon komórkowy PLUZZ P2250 2G

    Intended to be my "spare" phone. Easy to handle even with no manual provided. Absolutely ok for this price.

  • PLUZZ PL5010 4G Smartphone PLUZZ PL5010 4G Smartphone

    Super Mobiltelefon,
    Schade dass der Transport so lange gedauert hat.
    Habe ich schon schneller und besser erlebt.

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