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For the ultimate android experience, Oukitel phones are the perfect companion for the Android lover. Liquid smooth experience highlights Oukitel phones as they are a fan favorite among tech enthusiasts. Reviews rave about how comfortable Oukitel phones are hold and the phone experience is exceptional.

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4.6 z 5

Recenzje 164 oparte na średniej ze wszystkich recenzji

Co mówią ludzie
  • OUKITEL WP2 Phablet 4G 6,0 cala OUKITEL WP2 Phablet 4G 6,0 cala

    Feedback após 6 meses de uso...
    Celular muito bom, atendendo a muitas necessidades que eu tinha e gostaria em celulares, tais como, robustês, resistência, durabilidade, boa autonomia (dura mais de 2 dias com bastante uso).
    Provável que não volte a comprar celulares de marcas consagradas caso este continue assim por pelo menos mais 1,5 ano... porém... como nada é perfeito, tenho alguns pontos a considerar.
    Ele é vendido como 64GB RAM (ROM), porém ao atingir os 30GB ocupados de memória, ele começa a ficar bem lento, atualmente estou com 39GB e está bem lento, necessitando de uma limpa. Bom saber que posso utilizar cartão de memória para extender, porém ainda não posso dar feedback sobre seu funcionamente com cartão, pois ainda não possuo este cartão de memória.
    Outro ponto, é a câmera.. em relação ao meu último celular (Moto G 2geração), este Oukitel possui uma câmera frontal com melhor qualidade, porém a câmera traseira, apesar de ser anunciada como 16MegaPixel, ele não é tão melhor que a do meu Moto G com 8MegaPixel. Tenho dúvidas dessa qualidade de fotos anunciada.
    Enfim... em um contexto geral, me atende perfeitamente ao que necessito, e salvo os dois pontos acima, aconselho sua compra pela sua maior vantagem: o Custo x Benefício!!!

  • OUKITEL K9 4G Phablet OUKITEL K9 4G Phablet

    This phone is quite impressive at a first glance.

    Nice very large crisp display, great colours and great responsive display.

    Upon using the phone I realised the camera quality is quite poor. Especially when taking videos or using applications like Snapchat, the video is laggy and quite blurry especially when moving around. Additionally, streaming videos on YouTube see to provide very poor picture quality which is a bit of a surprise considering how clear pictures from websites appear on the screen. That would be probably the only floors of the phone.

    Sound quality of phone calls are fantastic, the battery life is wonderful and it is a ve

    ry asthetically leading to look at.

    Overall, for $293 AUD, this phone is a a fantastic purchase and I definitely recommend it to someone who doesn't play too many games or watch much streaming video on the phone, if so you may be disappointed.

  • OUKITEL Y4800 4G Phablet 6,3 cala Pełny ekran OUKITEL Y4800 4G Phablet 6,3 cala Pełny ekran

    I must say that I was a little skeptical about the delivery and the product, but honestly I am pleasantly surprised, it arrived earlier than expected, without any problem, well, the packaging arrived with a slight blow but nothing careful. The phone is aesthetically well worked and its operation has been very good, the materials are good, the presentation too and I really liked how light the device is. The relationship between the cost and the characteristics is incredibly satisfactory. I am very grateful and satisfied with this special purchase, the follow-up, the attention, the store and the delivery have fulfilled 100%. Thank you.

  • Wtyk OUKITEL P2 Smart WiFi Wtyk OUKITEL P2 Smart WiFi

    When plug arrived in a small orange box with excellent manual I was very excited. The smart itself is very solid, nice color and not to big. Just one button. Installing it was piss easy, I love it! I already used the smart life app with my smart dimmer and now I can easily add a extra device. It works right out the box. Life is so easy. Pair it with Google home and now it's listening to my voice. This product is beyond expectations ❤️❤️ also fast shipment and delivery.

  • OUKITEL K5000 4G Phablet OUKITEL K5000 4G Phablet

    After almost 2 years of using this product, it is still in a great condition. The storage is big enough for the average person to use, and the phone is still faster than any other phone I've had for this long. Also the battery still last about a day and a half with irregular use(Just a few hours of social media, excluding YouTube and an hour of listening to music), and a full day with regular use(few hours of social media and YouTube with gaming and listening to music ).

  • OUKITEL K12 4G Phablet 6,3 cala Water Drop Screen Android 9.0 OUKITEL K12 4G Phablet 6,3 cala Water Drop Screen Android 9.0

    Oukitel K12 is very, very impressive phone. First the build quality is excellent. In the hand you feel you have premium phone that cost more expensive. Overall I like this phone.
    The package was excellent. Also the shipping was very fast and that is because the delivery company is PostNL. PostNL has the best shopping time, much better than Singapore post.

    Respect for GearBest, excellent job.

  • OUKITEL U16 Max 4G Phablet OUKITEL U16 Max 4G Phablet

    Ho acquistato questo smartphone tre anni fa perché il prezzo era molto interessante, lo pagai circa 60 euro con un'offerta lampo. Da allora funziona ancora bene. Non è fantastica la fotocamera e il microfono si sente basso durante una chiamata, ma basta entrare nelle configurazioni di sistema tramite un codice apposito ed aumentarne la sensibilità.
    Schermo molto grande e riconoscitore di impronte digitali posto sul retro.
    Assemblaggio fatto bene, materiali buoni, non è il solito plasticone cinese.

  • Original PU Leather Full Body Case for Oukitel K6000 Pro Original PU Leather Full Body Case for Oukitel K6000 Pro

    This case for the oukitel K6000 pro is really nice.
    It's the original case, just like the description. It is leather but it is still in a very good condition.
    Nice sleep/wake function. When you close this case the phone put in stand by automatically.
    And shows the time and data for a few seconds

  • OUKITEL K4000 Plus 4G Smartphone OUKITEL K4000 Plus 4G Smartphone

    I've had this phone for quite a while. Call quality is good, connectivity (both WiFi and LTE) is very ggod and stable. Battery easily last 1 day even after over 1 year of use. What can I say, OUKITEL phones are sturdy and reliable. Recomended

  • OUKITEL C15 Pro 4G Phablet 6.088 cala OUKITEL C15 Pro 4G Phablet 6.088 cala

    Entregado en el tiempo convenido, llegó en excelente estado y completó recomiendo la página 100%

  • OUKITEL OK6000 Plus 4G Phablet wersja amerykańska OUKITEL OK6000 Plus 4G Phablet wersja amerykańska

    purchased because of the need of big battery. it doesn't feel very heavy.
    Speed is good given it is using MediaTek CPU.
    only issues are lacking of type C USB and the company has no updates to version 8 or 9 yet.

  • Oukitel K6000 Pro 4G Phablet Oukitel K6000 Pro 4G Phablet

    ótimo produto com custo benefício.
    pontos positivos:
    1. Bateria muito boa. aguardo 2 dias para carregar.
    2. Processamento não é dos melhores, mas me serviu muito bem. Rodou os principais jogos da Play store.

    pontos negativos:
    1. Muito frágil. Qualquer queda básica que ele levar pode se danificar.
    2. Esquenta com muita facilidade.

  • Drukarka OUKITEL C8 3G Drukarka OUKITEL C8 3G

    This smartphone isnt so good in camera but for a 2gb ram is also good. 60 euros its maybe expensive for this phone. In geral is a normal phone for who want it just for slow things like call, sms, and use 4-5 apps.

  • OUKITEL C5 Pro 4G Smartphone OUKITEL C5 Pro 4G Smartphone

    Good smart phone for use in my family, very fast delivery, easy to use, good price, good experience in the gear best
    I recommended this smart phone to my friends

  • OUKITEL U25 Pro 4G Phablet OUKITEL U25 Pro 4G Phablet

    Excellent phone really high quality device SONY camera LG screen high quality components for the price paid its a great deal.

  • OUKITEL K9 4G Phablet OUKITEL K9 4G Phablet

    This phone is fantastic and tick all the boxes for an elite phone. The size, the weight, and it's looks and the size of the battery are almost perfect

  • OUKITEL W1 Smart Watch 150 dni długi czas czuwania OUKITEL W1 Smart Watch 150 dni długi czas czuwania

    Great watch and great price!!! I bought it as a present for my father in law and he loves to wear it all the time. The quality is quite good for tha price, and it looks nice on hand!!

  • OUKITEL WP2 Phablet 4G 6,0 cala OUKITEL WP2 Phablet 4G 6,0 cala

    Es un terminal muy robusto, no rompe al mínimo golpe.
    A pesar de su gran tamaño, especialmente el grosor, no se hace pesado.
    Funciona de acuerdo a las presentaciones que puede dar el procesador y la RAM. Apenas se cuelga.
    Como punto negativo está el conector tipo C para cargar, para sonido y datos.

  • OUKITEL C2 3G Smartphone OUKITEL C2 3G Smartphone

    Todo correcto. LLego en buen estado y funcionando muy bien, es muy bonito. Si buscas un movil sencillo este esta bien

  • OUKITEL A16 Smart Wristband OUKITEL A16 Smart Wristband

    Muy buena pulsera tal cual cómo está en la descripción la batería tiene muy buena autonomía solo tuve un poco de problema al sincronizar con el iPhone pero del resto todo muy bien

  • OUKITEL C5 Pro 4G Smartphone OUKITEL C5 Pro 4G Smartphone

    i really liked this product, solid and stable, you can buy this product without any doubt the beat phone for the price

  • OUKITEL K4000 Pro 4G Smartphone OUKITEL K4000 Pro 4G Smartphone

    muy buen teléfono, excelente¡¡¡ 100% recomendable, muy buen equilibrio de sonido y red asi como muy buen servicio

  • Oukitel K6000 Pro 4G Phablet Oukitel K6000 Pro 4G Phablet

    It is coming with gifts - class protect and case. Working exelent.

  • Oukitel U22 3G Phablet Oukitel U22 3G Phablet

    Offered this phone to my cousin and til today working perfectly! Good photos also.

    For the price there are no cons

  • OUKITEL W2 Sports Smartwatch OUKITEL W2 Sports Smartwatch

    good product value for money nice watch good build quality looks amazing

  • OUKITEL U23 4G Phablet EU Version OUKITEL U23 4G Phablet EU Version

    Love the phone, the quality and how fast the apps run smoothly, camera quality revolution is very clear. love it!

  • OUKITEL W1 Smart Watch 150 Days Long Standby Time OUKITEL W1 Smart Watch 150 Days Long Standby Time

    El Articulo es muy bueno por el precío al principo se me complico la navegación pero ahora es muy facil de usar

  • OUKITEL U11 Plus 4G Phablet OUKITEL U11 Plus 4G Phablet

    Great phone. Just a problem getting parts for it. I need a LCD screen complete and a battery. Who can help?

  • OUKITEL K6 4G Phablet OUKITEL K6 4G Phablet

    Phone is good, slim and fast working, but I was need to order other phone. phone are good fast charge

  • OUKITEL U13 4G Phablet OUKITEL U13 4G Phablet

    Resistente a quedas me surpreendeu pois teve algumas quedas e não sofreu maiores danos uso somente para ligações e algumas redes sociais sem maiores problemas

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