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Teclast was founded in 1999 as an integrated digital brand which devotes itself to Information Technology and R&D for consumer digital products, product design and manufacturing, marketing, sales and product services. By developing its diversified product line, it has successively introduced different kinds of personalized products such as optical storage devices, removable storage devices, digital players, tablets, eReaders, PC input peripherals and webcams to the market. To date, the brand has successfully gained at least 80 million users and made its great contribution to the popularity of Hi-tech application and the pace of industry development of the digital world. As a well-known digital brand, Teclast adopts its brand concept of ‘To let more people enjoy the digital life’, which means to utilize its technical strength and distribution channel advantages to produce a variety of innovative and stable digital products for the users to enjoy the convenience brought by the latest technology. In order to achieve the goal, Teclast invested huge funds to build up its own product R&D center. It positively introduces fashionable design concepts and innovative technology applications to continually improve its products’ technical content, thereby fulfilling the individualized consumption of business and personal users. In addition, Teclast has set up a convenient after-sales service system to provide solid technical support for its brand users. Teclast adheres to innovation. It founded its Consumer Digital Electronics Engineering Technology R&D center to manages the entire R&D process of consumer digital products from project outset to market launch. The powerful research and development strength of the Teclast R&D sector enables it to release a brand new product on average every 1.5 months and maintain the leading position throughout the consumer digital electronics market. The brand has obtained 93 patents, seven terms of software copyrights and one of its MP3 player products X19 has been awarded ‘the Best Design Prize’ by the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office. Finally, Teclast has joined the Madrid Agreement and gained brand registered trademarks in more than one hundred different countries around the world. Teclast adheres to the principle of ‘quality comes first’. It continuously creates user demand to improve the performance and technical content of its products. Teclast has strict quality requirements for its factories to ensure every product is produced by the first-class production lines with world-class R&D standards. These strict manufacturing regulations help Teclast to reach a 99.8% pass rate and keep the user product failure rate lower than 0.005%. Meanwhile, Teclast always keep technical exchanges and good cooperative relationships with world-class manufacturers. Therefore, all the great effects made by Teclast allow it to tackle all the quality issues that can appear on production line. Meanwhile, Teclast regularly updates the firmware of its products and optimizes all the pre-installed applications to enhance the user experiences of the customers. After entering the market, Teclast received great praise and wide recommendation from the local IT media including MicroComputer, Popular Computer Week, cfan, PConline and ZOL. All of these fruitful achievements are the affirmation of Teclast's vision and also its motivation to achieve more. Today, the brand of Teclast has been spread all over China and became one of the most well-known IT and digital brands. By implementing ‘quality comes first’ corporate philosophy, Teclast’s brand vision is to continuously improve its brand features and service quality to meet higher user demands for different groups of users. We believe with the desire to become the world’s leading IT and digital brand, Teclast will succeed in the global market in the near future.

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Recenzje 797 oparte na średniej ze wszystkich recenzji

Co mówią ludzie
  • Teclast X98 Plus Windows 10 + Android 5.1 Tablet PC Teclast X98 Plus Windows 10 + Android 5.1 Tablet PC

    Прошло чуть более 3 лет с момента покупки, настало время дать небольшую характеристику данному гаджету с практической точки зрения.
    С начала не мог нарадоваться.
    Что нравится:
    1. Скорость работы. Непрерывно и ежедневно эксплуатирую его на протяжении 3 лет. Планшет, можно сказать, до сих просто летает. Жетон!
    2. Яркость экрана. Очень часто во время экскурсий, мероприятий пользуюсь планшетом вне помещений. Ставлю на максимальную яркость - даже в солнечную погоду можно нормально использовать. Жетон!
    3. Время работы батареи в течение первых полутора лет. Хватало заряда батареи при непрерывном использовании на 8-10 часов. Жетон!
    4. Изумительная чёткость шрифта на экране, как при чтении книг, так и при работе с интернет-страницами. Жетон!

    Что не нравится:
    1. При переключении с Android на Windows и наоборот планшет может просто подвиснуть, появляется чёрный экран, отсутствие реакции на любые действия (нажатие кнопки пуска, проведение рукой по экрану). Заметил, если происходят обновления приложений в этот момент, планшет не будет реагировать, пока обновления не загрузятся. Уже страшно переключаться.
    2. Периодически планшет может начать сам перезагружаться.
    3. После двух лет эксплуатации батарея очень быстро, буквально на глазах разряжается. Уже её хватает на 4-5 часов непрерывной работы. Также планшет стал долго заряжаться.
    4. Окончательно разболтался mini-USB разъём.
    5. Маленький объём внутренней памяти, а дополнительную карту памяти (Micro SD Card Alfawise 128GB UHS) card reader "не читает" и вообще "не видит".
    6. Очень слабая камера.
    7. Какая-то проблема с разъёмом для наушников - иногда бьёт по ушам током.

  • Teclast Tbook 10 S 2 w 1 Tablet PC Teclast Tbook 10 S 2 w 1 Tablet PC

    After some time researching for a tablet, I've found this one and I ordered it right away. After about 17 days, it arrived, very nicely packed, and inside a safe air package. The tablet has a very nice presentation, it has a very good and clear screen, accessory cables for usb connections and power through usb and it's decently fast. Both the OS's boot fine, the Windows 10 OS is a bit slow but nothing out of the ordinary, and the Android OS is fast and responsive, despite being version 5.1. The 64 Gb storage is shared between the OS's but there is still decent space for applications, more on the Adroid side because they occupy less space. The Windows 10 OS is also very responsive, after all. The screen image is very good, with crisp colors and very bright. Wifi and Bluetooth also work very well. It's a very nice tablet, both for pleasure (Android) and work (Windows) and it's fast to switch between the 2 OS's. So far, it surpassed my expectations for a 2 in 1 tablet, and I'll be ordering the optional keyboard, to make it become a very good ultrabook

  • Karta Teclast UHS-I U1 High Speed ​​128 GB Micro SD / TF / Memory Card z funkcją wodoodporności Karta Teclast UHS-I U1 High Speed ​​128 GB Micro SD / TF / Memory Card z funkcją wodoodporności

    I got this 128G TF card to use with my tablets. So far it has worked perfectly in my testing. I always keep a couple of spares around for my future needs. So I own several memory cards and I always do a speed test to verify the reading and writing speeds before I install the memory. This card checked out extremely well. The fastest write speed on this card was 48.143 MB/s and the fastest reading speed was 89.368 MB/s.
    I am amazed at how well these work and how low the price has gotten on a sale day. Putting one of these into your phone or tablet is a wonderful upgrade to the device’s storage capability. Overall, this card worked well and I rated it five stars. If I have any future issues I will update my review.

  • Notebook Teclast F7 Notebook Teclast F7

    Das Notebook ist echt spitze. Die Verarbeitung ist top und es macht was es soll. Windows ist voreingestellt. Die Tastatur ist etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig, aber funktional.

    Leider hat mein gerät eine Druckstelle im Display, dass kann aber mit dem Transport zusammenhängen. Stört mich aber nicht wirklich.

    Was mir leider noch fehlt wäre entweder ein USB-C Port oder ein Ethernet Port, weil die Verbaute Wlan Karte ziemlich langsam ist.
    Dazu ist das Netzteil im vergleich zum Hochwertig wirkenden Laptop billig. Wird auch gerne sehr heiß.

    Dennoch würde ich JEDEM den Laptop empfehlen, der gerne ein kleines Notebook möchte, für Office Surfen. Bei mir läuft sogar Fusion (Zeichenprogramm).

    Alles zusammen echt TOP!!!!

  • Wyświetlacz ekranu Teclast A30 30000mAh Power Bank Wyświetlacz ekranu Teclast A30 30000mAh Power Bank

    I purchased several power banks declared with capacity of 20000 mAh but that in the normal use were not sufficient to charge a smartphone with 3000 mAh. Fortunately this product was different and the declared capacity seems real. It arrived with residual power of 85% and I charged my smartphone of 3000 mAh using only 20% of the capacity of the power bank.
    there are several ports both for input and output and a useful panel with the residual capacity.

  • Teclast P80X 4G Phablet Tablet Teclast P80X 4G Phablet Tablet

    I bought this tablet online. The operating system of this tablet is Android 9.0. The operation interface is very good. The compatibility and running effect are very good. I like to watch videos or play games on the tablet. It is really very use. Smooth, not at all. The screen of the tablet is 8.0 inches, and the resolution is very high, especially when watching HD video, the picture is very clear. If you want to buy a tablet, I think this is a good choice. I recommend you buy it.

  • Tablet Teclast X4 Intel Gemini Lake N4100 2 w 1 z klawiaturą Tablet Teclast X4 Intel Gemini Lake N4100 2 w 1 z klawiaturą

    Hatte bis jetzt das TBook Power 16 in Nutzung. Im Gegensatz dazu ist dieses Gerät um Längen besser. Das Gerät ist sehr gut verarbeitet und durch die SSD sehr schnell. Die Helligkeit des Displays ist ausreichend. Für diesen Preis eine Top-Preis-Leistungsverhältnis. Die Tastatur ist auch deutlich besser als beim Tbook Power 16. Das Material ist sehr gut und wirkt edel. Die Anschlußmöglichkeiten sind für diese Preisklasse ok. Ich konnte bis jetzt nach 3 Wochen intensiver Nutzung keine Mängel entdecken. Die Akkuleistung ist in Ordnung, kein Langläufer aber ausreichend .

  • Original Teclast X98 Series Bluetooth Keyboard with Tablet PC Case Original Teclast X98 Series Bluetooth Keyboard with Tablet PC Case

    Lo compré por que sería muy útil para usarlo como PC al contar la tableta con sistema operativo Android y Windows.
    La calidad tanto del teclado como el del case es regular ya que el precio es accesible.
    El problema es que la tableta no encaja en el case a pesar que este case-teclado es exclusivo para el modelo de mi tableta (Teclast TPad X98 Plus) se puede observar en foto video.
    Obviamente no lo recomiendo ya que no brinda todos los beneficios.

  • Ulepszona wersja Teclast T200E Mobile Power Bank Ulepszona wersja Teclast T200E Mobile Power Bank

    I have used several other power banks and all have been disappointing. This In it power bank has been amazing. I have only had it for a week now but I need a dependable power source as I use my phone to monitor my property via WiFi camera's which put a heavy drain on my phones battery. I regularly have to recharge my battery 3 to 4 times a day and store 50 to 70 video streams. So far this power bank has held up great.I highly recommend this unit!!

  • Teclast C30 30000mAh Mobile Power Bank Teclast C30 30000mAh Mobile Power Bank

    the power bank Teclast remains unavailable for weeks so I moved to s different product. The new product has a lower capacity but it is made of aluminium always with LCD display, with 2 usb port a powerful light torch. the only negative pint is the absence of an instruction manual and of the nameplate with the electrical data.

  • Teclast M20 4G Phablet 4 GB RAM 128 GB ROM Teclast M20 4G Phablet 4 GB RAM 128 GB ROM

    So far I am thrilled. only just received the tablet, but it has satisfied my needs very much and love the big storage space. (128 gigs)
    was very fast delivery.. received in only 10 days.
    screen resolution is excellent and pics are really clear.
    a good buy all round.

  • Moduł pamięci Teclast A30 DDR4 Kompatybilny z Intel AMD Moduł pamięci Teclast A30 DDR4 Kompatybilny z Intel AMD

    As memórias chegaram em bom estado, demorou mais que o esperado e fui taxado no valor de 60% do Total do produto no aduaneiro, não acho que compensa comprar pelo fato de pagar a taxação acaba totalizando um valor igual a uma memória comprada no país. vou testar o desempenho

  • Teclast T98 4G Phablet 32GB ROM Teclast T98 4G Phablet 32GB ROM

    Брал его не для игр. Свои функции выполняет хорошо. Мобильная связь нормальная, абонента слышно хорошо. Сигнал Wi-Fi сети тоже ловит хорошо, не обрывает. К работе GPS претензий нет. Просто хороший рабочий планшет. Единственное, прошивку производитель не поддерживает и обновлений нет. Прошить этот планшет тоже не просто.

  • Teclast P80S 8,0 calowy tablet 4G fablet Teclast P80S 8,0 calowy tablet 4G fablet

    The tablet is kinda cheap and 4G. it's the cheapest thus the most nicely made in that price. Multiple configurations allow to have something that really fits each one. RAM is bit low (2gb) but it's nice for my use, Not that much app, only WIfi can give days endurance. Screen is no thath much edge to edge but fit perfect the remote for the Xiaomi Fimi X8 drone remote

  • Teclast F12 Elastyczny kabel do ładowania danych TPE Teclast F12 Elastyczny kabel do ładowania danych TPE

    Teclast F12 Elastic Anti-freeze TPE Data Charging Cable - White 8 PIN 443643502 куплен для Apple iPhone 7 подошёл- работает. вВозможные недостатки выявит время.

  • Teclast NEX USB2.0 Flash Drive Metalowy wodoodporny brelok U Disk Teclast NEX USB2.0 Flash Drive Metalowy wodoodporny brelok U Disk

    Received Teclast NEX USB2. 0 Flash drive in good condition. The product is being delivered within 10 days after placing order. The product is sold at reasonable price. I think that product will meet all quality standards.

  • Teclast M89 Tablet PC Teclast M89 Tablet PC

    Es una tableta de gama media, buenos materiales. En tamaño es similar a una iPad mini. La resolución de la pantalla es bastante alta. No pongo 5 estrellas ya que la distribución de los puertos es muy extraña, por lo que es dificil conseguir una funda universal que le quede.

  • Teclast H30 Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband Teclast H30 Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband

    I have been using this for over an year and i can say this is a very good budget sportwatch. You cant really interact with it besides changing what it displays but still pretty good. It also has a great battery life , lasting for at least a week with full charge.

  • Teclast CCM202 Safety Hammer Dual USB Car Charger Teclast CCM202 Safety Hammer Dual USB Car Charger

    Construção muito sólida, sem rebarbas nos acabamentos, sem peças desalinhadas. A iluminação das portas USB é super útil no escuro e ela não é forte a ponto de incomodar. 100% recomendado. Ambas as portas USB funcionam bem com sistemas Android e iOS, porém lembro que a porta USB para Android tem o carregamento mais rápido quando usada com um modelo desse sistema.

  • Teclast A10H Tablet PC Teclast A10H Tablet PC

    Acumulator,bun,multitasking,viteza buna la jocuri,sunet bun,,rezolutie buna.Raspunde bine la comenzi.

  • Teclast APS - KI018WE - G QC3.0 Quick Charging Head do T8 / T10 / T20 Teclast APS - KI018WE - G QC3.0 Quick Charging Head do T8 / T10 / T20

    Had to buy this additionally, because in original case this was not included. Standart phone charger works slowly, so had to buy this one. Satisfied, now charging like a charm!

  • Teclast X98 Air Win10 + Android 5.0 3G Phablet Teclast X98 Air Win10 + Android 5.0 3G Phablet

    Though it's an old device but recommendable for use to do all needed assignment! If you use it you will get what you need to do accurately. Please buy and use it and no regrets!

  • Dysk twardy Teclast NCX Metal USB2.0 Flash Dysk twardy Teclast NCX Metal USB2.0 Flash

    Very good product ,tiny,working very well with smart TV,good for record not for live playback.59GB from 64GB.Recomanded.

  • Teclast X80 Pro Tablet PC Teclast X80 Pro Tablet PC

    Das Pad funktioniert wie erwartet. Zukünftige Updates werden aufgrund des zu geringen Speichers kaum zu installieren sein, das sollte man wissen. Sonst ist alles gut

  • Aktywny rysik Teclast TL - T6 / F5 Czarny stop aluminium dla notebooka Teclast F6 Pro Aktywny rysik Teclast TL - T6 / F5 Czarny stop aluminium dla notebooka Teclast F6 Pro

    Very good pen for some teclast products. Light and quite precise for a low cost pen. No additional cartridge and no battery (AAAA) in package. Slow sending due to refurbishment problem but kind customer service assistance to manage delay.

  • Teclast T200CF 20000mAh Power Bank Dual Output / Input Teclast T200CF 20000mAh Power Bank Dual Output / Input

    Unico defeito do produto é o seu peso mas na minha opiniao compensa por a capacidade de carga de 20000mah, carrega perfeitamente com os dois aparelhos ligados ao produto em geral estou muito satisfeito ate este dia ainda nao me desapontou e ja se encontra na minha posse a mais de um ano

  • 8 inch Teclast X80 Pro Tablet PC 8 inch Teclast X80 Pro Tablet PC

    good vytrjyr you svh vgfryh fryjytx wdyhn the ddhb xrgbhy uytesf erghb hjbgf dev eegh svgrg ffhbgrhb gthhte htredv by van hgd guy hubby

  • Teclast P10 4G Phablet Teclast P10 4G Phablet

    все отлично. планшетом довольны. отличный экран. сеть ловит уверенно в казахстане 4g

  • Karta Teclast UHS-I U1 High Speed ​​16 GB Micro SD / TF / Memory Card z funkcją wodoodporności Karta Teclast UHS-I U1 High Speed ​​16 GB Micro SD / TF / Memory Card z funkcją wodoodporności

    I bought it to use as extended memory in the little tablet computer i use on the road. Works great. Inserting the small card is a bit like surgery on the computer.

  • Teclast 2,5-calowy dysk SSD SATA3.0 Teclast 2,5-calowy dysk SSD SATA3.0

    I've already used it without any difficulty. Max speed in writing mode 240Mo/s.
    I hope it will keep its efficiency in the future.
    But you had to format it and create partition before on your pc (disk management with Windows 10).
    Otherwise your pc don't recognize it and you can't see it.

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