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1STPLAYER is a brand created by enthusiastic gamers and designers in Guangzhou in 2011. It is a very young yet passionate brand. From the day it was created, it was dedicated to improving enthusiasts’ gaming experience. At the current time, 1STPLAYER’s products cover PSUs, mechanical keyboards, mouse mats, cooling fans,bluetooth speakers and other peripherals. And in the near future, 1STPLAYER will develop horizontally and vertically to make its product lines broader and its products more plentiful. Created through gamers’ eyes and designers’ unique point of view, with highly localized design, 1STPLAYER have earned a nice reputation in the industry and from the gamers. But 1STPLAYER will never feel pride blindly. It will humbly keep these recognition as its motivation as it always does. 1STPLAYER emphasizes the spirit of origin unconvention and dedication. It never stops pursuing origin and professionalism and continuously improves the usability and play-ability of our products. On the process of deny and being denied, 1STPLAYER involves itself in improving every details of the products so as to earn gamers’ heart. With top end industrial design, concentration on target market and MOD creative idea , 1STPLAYER makes its gaming gears pieces of art, fulfilling enthusiastic gamers’ requirements on products. Philosophy: Extreme Speed Honor Unconventional These are the best descriptions towards the philosophy of 1STPLAYER. Through offering professional experience on e-sporting, over clocking, MOD and HD audio, pursuing ultimate technology enjoyment, continuous improvement on usability and usability, 1STPLAYER will provide more surprise to the enthusiastic gamers. Attitude to IPR In 1STPLAYER’s core value, it always respects other people’s or companies’ intellectual property rights (IPR). Any patent, picture, logo or other materials related to IPR without permission will never adopted by 1STPLAYER. We respect others’ painstaking effort and desire for the same treatment from others. All the materials we employ on our catalogs, posters have already got Authorization. Sales Network In the e-commerce era, e-commerce is developing in a high rapid. 1STPLAYER doesn’t want to be forgotten in the e-commerce wave. Currently, e-commerce has been our main sales channel where state of art representing were made through top design and writing . We have already open flagship stores in and In the near future, we will have our sales in other e-commerce platforms like eBay, Newegg, Amazon. At the same time, 1STPLAYER also sell its products through offline channels. With the combination of online and offline, we have already form a strong sales network. To be stronger, we are keen to cooperating with our partners and create bright future together.

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