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Namiot kempingowy HEWOLF Outdoor z sześciokątnym stolikiem przeciwdeszczowym
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Namiot kempingowy HEWOLF Outdoor z sześciokątnym stolikiem przeciwdeszczowym

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Główne cechy:
● Duża sześciokątna konstrukcja dla 5 - 8 osób
● Gruba srebrna powłoka, odporna na deszcz i ochrona przeciwsłoneczna
● Materiał poliestrowy i oxford, wodoodporny i oddychający
● W pełni automatyczny uchwyt do łatwej instalacji
● Przędza o grubości 6 oczek, wentylacja i odstraszający komary
● Rozmiar zewnętrzny: 140 cm z jednej strony, 283 cm z drugiej strony, 168 cm wysokości
● Rozmiar konta wewnętrznego: 129 cm po jednej stronie, 247 cm po przeciwnej stronie, 138 cm wysokości



Marka: On Wilk
Rodzaj: Namiot automatyczny
cechy: Anti-mosquito,Oddychający,Wodoodporny,Odporność na wiatr
Zewnętrzny materiał namiotu: Tkanina poliestrowa,PU
Wewnętrzny materiał namiotowy: Oddychająca siatka
Namiot na dole materiału: Tkanina Oxford
Pasuje do: 5-8 osób

Podstawowe informacje

Waga produktu: 5,7000 kg
Waga paczki: 5.8500 kg
Rozmiar produktu: 140,00 x 283,00 x 168,00 cm / 55,12 x 111,42 x 66,14 cala
Wielkość paczki: 102,00 x 18,00 x 17,00 cm / 40,16 x 7,09 x 6,69 cala


Zawartość paczki: 1 x namiot, 1 x górna pokrywa, 1 x zestaw na kije, 1 x torba na ramię, 8 x lina wiatrów, 14 x szlifowany gwoździem

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4.59 out of 5
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  • Lisa Christiana
    Tak (0) Kolor: Medium Forest Green
    I had some other tents of the dome variety but they were aging and did not provide me with enough room to stand, Also the trip was my wife's first camping trip and I wanted it to be a good experience for her so I had to upgrade, I seriously considered the elite version of this tent but believe the only real difference between the two -LRB- besides the huge price difference -RRB- was the LED lighting system and the windows that have the automatic rolling feature both with the elite version, Roll up windows are cool but again seem more like a novelty for the large price difference between this version and the elite, Also we were camping during the hottest days of the year but this tent provided enough ventilation so that we were able to sleep comfortably, My tent light I purchased years earlier provided ample light and reinforced my decision to go with this less expensive but high quality tent, I wish there were more but there is so much room in this tent that it only bothered me slightly, It would be very hard to be disapointed with this purchase

    Dec 03,2018

  • Rob and Chelsea
    Tak (0) Kolor: Medium Forest Green
    For comfortable camping with a little personal space and room for gear and air mattresses, We bought this large tent for our family of three, We bought a tarp to use as a ground cloth and we bought sturdier tent stakes to go with, The door is my favorite thing about this tent ; being able to swing the door open and shut easily like a `` real'' door is awesome, We had one day on our trip where it rained solidly all day ; the tent stayed dry inside, the tent did not get wet, I would like more pockets on the walls to put small items like your cell phone and wallet and headlamp as you sleep, We found the ventilation in this tent to be adequate ; the rainfly does not fit tight over the mesh top of the tent, and play family board games in the tent -LRB- while it rained outside -RRB-, For the deeply discounted price, it didn't take up as much space in the car as you would think ; in fact, and the tent's ground cloth -LRB- a tarp -RRB- in that larger bag, The tent was a big of a project to get back into it's original storage bag

    Aug 31,2018

  • Somebody Like You
    Tak (0) Kolor: Medium Forest Green
    I bought this tent for car camping and so far am very pleased, It is very roomy and my wife and I were able to put a queen sized air mattress along with our dog's crate with tons of room to spare for storing other things we brought along, The floor is sturdy but I would still suggest putting a tarp underneath as a makeshift footprint, We have experienced rain in this tent and so far it hasn't gotten us wet, The hinged door is very convenient and set up was quite simple, Getting the tent back intot he bag is exceptionally difficult but I don't know what tent isn't

    Nov 16,2018

  • Dan Colwell
    Tak (0) Kolor: Camel brown
    Tent is great ... ventilation was a nice upgrade from our previous ozark trail, But I'm not sure I've ever had a tent with a dream zipper door operation, I love the easy up ... ill never be able to go back to a standard pole tent, My husband and i set up our old tent for our friends who visited during our camping stay and we were almost ready to fight, I think a few more take downs and well get better at folding the new tent up tighter but that did seem to be a challenge for us, I will say the bag is plenty big so even though we stink at folding it up it still fit easily

    Aug 27,2018

  • Whitney O'Neil
    Tak (0) Kolor: Medium Forest Green
    This tent is a great family tent, I shopped around at various sporting stores and web sites viewing all types of tents and reading review after review searching for a tent that would provide the best comfort for my wife and two daughters for our first family camping trip, one full size air mattress, The screened porch was a favorite feature of both my daughters and my wife, It's important to remember that speed is never associated with a large tent, This tent helped make our first family camping trip a success

    Sep 30,2018

  • Erick B
    Tak (0) Kolor: Camel brown
    you could even take it camping for one man or two small kids, Very easy to set up just three poles slide them through the slots and use a little muscle to push them in to the bottom Holder, There are also big open containers that you can fill with sand and put on the inside but they don't close they're just open so if you bump into them sand gets in your tent and that's not great, I'm no tent expert I'm just a mom and this was really easy to set up one big long Pole to go through the whole tent and two small polls

    Oct 22,2018

  • Mannie
    Tak (0) Kolor: Camel brown
    I unexpectedly was caught in some horrible weather on a recent camping trip, The tent held up in a strong wind storm - then wind and pelting rain - followed by thunder and lightening storms, Overall the tent stayed dry with the exception of a little bit of water that was driven in by the wind from the windows, I watched as water literally poured down the sides of the tent - yet the inside was dry, I looked around - other campers were literally scooping out water from their tents - but not this tent

    Oct 06,2018

  • Angi J
    Tak (0) Kolor: Camel brown
    It's designed to beat off strong winds and stand strong, I recently went camping to Hammonasset and the weather was hot and a bit windy, I wasn't expecting any strong winds butt or one of those days we had a freak storm and the wind is very strong, I'm really glad I did because my kids were safe even if they were a little scared because of all the wind and noises, My wife stayed in the tent because I was outside helping other people keep their stuff stable butt it was well worth the money

    Oct 28,2018

  • RCR_CT
    Tak (0) Kolor: Medium Forest Green
    This tent is great for family `` car'' camping, The fly is also nice, It's a snug fitting fly that really only covers the top which is great in my opinion, suffocating bag and they are hard to get in and out of, There are lots of storage pockets throughout which is great, The screen porch is another nice feature, We experienced a flash thunderstorm with heavy rain, Nothing was wet inside, This is a great family tent, I think this will provide my family with many camping adventures

    Sep 18,2018

  • Heather R.
    Tak (0) Kolor: Camel brown
    I went camping in the mountains on a lake in July it was very cold and windy the week we went camping plus being near the lake with a mountain behind us made the wind worse, the only thing is u can feel the wetness if you touch the inside of the tent Ana there was a drip from condensation but we were also in a really bad wind rain storm, This tent really holds true to its name, I was thankful we went with this one due to the weather, And such a good price

    Dec 09,2018

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