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  • burak
    Tak (1) Kolor: Silver
    tbao tbook x8s pro
    -cheap -great display for this price -nice design -nvidia gt920m graphic cards for this price -light laptop - 15.6 inches
    -charger was not compatible with eu socket -bad package -all plastic -slow charging -terrible touchpad -it is suppose to be shipped at 6 march but they shipped it at 23 march.

    Apr 02,2018

  • amdre
    Tak (2) Kolor: Silver
    T - bao Tbook X8S Pro Notebook
    Pelo preço está excelente para trabalhos de escola e universidade corre bem programas utilizados em engenheiras
    Qualidade de construçao podeia ser melhor, pois parece fragil.

    Apr 06,2018