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  • Constantinesc
    I advise the device to buy, i'm happy
    Charging works-this is the main thing!) because for such a price, already something, xp for 20 min gives + 10% charge on any power adapter, as it would be a little... Well, come on, maybe xp itself is so charged, maybe other devices will be faster. And yes, the phone charged through the cover. i recommend, if you do not rush the charge, but just want to once again do not stick a cable in the socket.

    Sep 24,2019

  • Gene
    usb charger
    it's a nice design but when I used it using type c charger it so slow I don't know maybe this is good only for Android..make me frustrating coz I thought is universal qq

    Dec 05,2019

  • Pantelis
    Excellent product. I recommend it. It's very nice and small. Very useful it's the light . When i charging my phone is blue and when it's stand by light is red. I have a samsung s6 and It works very good.

    Dec 16,2019

  • Xegex
    Wireless charger
    Išbandyta veikia, bandžiau su Samsung s7 krauna be problemų, reklaminėse nuotakuose rodoma kad prekės pavadinimas turėtų būti Udyr, bet ant pakrovėjo tiesiog parašyta fast charger. Labai geras kainos ir kokybės santykis

    Dec 30,2019

  • Louis Coleshill
    I will try to buy other products
    I ordered two. Both don't work. Maybe the problem in the phone. I'll try with another device-i'll add it. Of the minuses-charge only on perfectly smooth surfaces, the case is slippery and with a minimum tilt or collegium, the phone will strive to fly away, which it does not get bad. Especially if the phone is glass.

    Sep 24,2019

  • Elgol
    Udyr 10w charging qi
    Tested on lg V30 and G3 both charging slowly but not too slow
    Accepted for the price
    Led remains blue after charging

    Nov 11,2019

  • sreeman sunku
    good one worth for money
    easy to use
    works as mentioned
    little slow charging but works fine

    Dec 23,2019

  • Rudey
    Wirefree transfer
    Perfect with my Note smartphone, even with case on and magnetic disc on back of phone, charges as quick as possible on micro usb charger

    Aug 15,2020

  • Greetings from Cologne!
    Works with iPhone XS
    Received within a month. Tested only now. It works out of the box and well it seems. Long term usability still needs to be experienced.

    It is well-designed and looks unobtrusive. The USB to Micro-USB cable could be longer.

    Jan 04,2020

  • AFerro
    Udyr Qi 10W
    выглядит дёшево (у меня не было надписи лейбла на корпусе,даже не знаю плюс это или минус), короткий кабель запитки устройства (USB), нет блока питания в комплекте первое фото в описании может вести в заблуждение. Свою функцию выполняет

    Jan 11,2020