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  • archie silvers
    Well constructed ,flyes excellent in windy conditions,excellent manoverability and control responce time ,it can do some rad tricks beyond what the instructions say ,stability & acrobatic recovery back to hover ,very impressive, one of the best copters at the best price I spent,love it,thanks for sending me a top quality product ,recommended for good to pro flyer,you'll have a ball.I'd send video but still learning how to get it to attach and send ,tryed but would not take and lost my pics to boot.
    not enough flight time ,having to Mutch fun don't want to stop.charger and battery get borderline hot when charging ,needs auto stop dioed built in charger for safer charging and possible longer lifespan.

    Dec 20,2015

  • me
    Too much fun for $50
    I could not be happier with this quadcopter. If you look at what you are getting for a little over 50 it is a bargain. Very stable flyer even in moderate winds. The wifi link could be a bit better but it could be my phone as well (Galaxy S4). I really like that when the battery is getting low the LED lights start blinking and still there is enough time to safely return for a landing. Buy extra batterys, you will be happy you did.

    May 27,2016

  • X10Dead
    Nice step-up from miniquads
    - 7.4 V system
    - Huge battery, serious flight-time in its class
    - Serious lifting power
    - 3D flips (WTF: A jumping dinosaur, seriously 0.0)
    - Good overall quality
    - Wifi FPV: well, it's not suitable for real FPV, but it helps to coordinate your filming
    - Nice manual
    - Easy and stable flight
    - Good signal range (without wifi FPV)
    - Good wind-resistance
    - Stable camera platform (action-cams ofc)
    - It can be surprisingly fast
    - Good reputation
    - It was cheap (I bought it under sale)
    - Heavy as hell. It can fly fast, but it gains a lot of momentum at full speed, it needs a lot of space to turn (, and if you are in its way, that will hurt. A lot.)
    - Nooooiiisyyyy
    - The cam isn't able to record your flight directly, the picture quality is unbelievable bad, the wifi is sluggish. FPV? Muhhhahahaa

    Bottom line:
    Wifi FPV is BAD. Generally. But I don't care as I bought this quad for its power and calm behavior.
    If you want to taste the feeling of the 350 class, or want to get a cheap carrier for your action-cam, this is your best bet.

    Jan 18,2016

  • Mike silva
    Drone upgrade
    -Solid build quality, feels sturdy and rugged, but still with stylish look.
    -Easy to fly and easy to use controls
    -lots of power for a brushed motor quad copter
    -FPV works well for this price point
    -flight times long enough about 10 min with some video and mild to moderate wind
    -Stable.with added SJ 4000 action camera , good video so far
    -FPV has some stutter

    Jul 02,2015

  • Ivan
    SYMA X8W
    Классный квадрик, для своей цены шикарный вариант ) он способен поднимать камеру ГоПро и аналогичные экшен камеры, так же пожно подвесит 2х осевой стабилизирующий подвес, очень классный товар я доволен и советую другим!)

    Jun 17,2016

  • Szabi
    SYMA X8W
    I simply love it. I have GPS quads as well, but I simply cannot stop flying this very well designed big toy. If it's well calibrated and tuned before flying, it feels like as if it would be swimming in the air. Strong and agile. The simplicity of motor replacement (plug) is amazing. Low voltage inidication is very useful and reliable.
    FPV function is not its strongest side... - but who cares - it can easily fly even with a 75g action action cam with a simple holder and a cheap 5,8 transmitter. Fragile landing skids. Original battery is not the best but still enough for 10 minutes of delightsome flight.

    Dec 30,2015

  • Olexandr
    Great quality quadcopter at an affordable price
    The impact-resistant, high-power motors, the wind steady, stable in flight, long range (without Wi-Fi cameras), good load capacity, good price (I bought the shares at a discount), robust package.
    Wi-Fi camera from Syma X5SW (image quality is very bad).
    Delivery 26 days.

    Dec 27,2015

  • Daniel Silva
    SYMA X8W
    Good drone.
    Lightweight, powerful and beautiful.
    Charges quite quickly the battery is only worth less than 10 minutes.
    I advise buying alternate batteries
    Only worth less than 10 minutes.
    I advise buying alternate batteries

    Dec 05,2016

  • Sean B.
    Quad Expert
    For the price this deal CANNOT BE BEAT! Excellent quality quadcopter. Item arrived 5-6 days after I ordered. Very easy to use. Flying capabilities rival DJI Phantom... Superb customer service. Would absolutely recommend to friends.
    Well, the camera and flight time are not the greatest, but that is to be expected. Order a better camera and a few extra batteries and you will be very pleased.

    Jul 25,2015

  • ALF
    Very good Quality. And for an very fair and low Price to order on Gearbest site. delivery time was very short at this time. I like this product, because it ismanufactured in a very good Quality. And for this reason it promise a Long Service/life - time!

    Aug 11,2018