Lampwin WIFI Inteligentna żarówka LED, współpracuje z Amazon Alexa, E27 Możliwość ściemniania wielobarwnych diod LED na iOS Android, Sterowanie aplikacjami / Sterowanie głosem, Oświetlenie domu
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Lampwin WIFI Inteligentna żarówka LED, współpracuje z Amazon Alexa, E27 Możliwość ściemniania wielobarwnych diod LED na iOS Android, Sterowanie aplikacjami / Sterowanie głosem, Oświetlenie domu

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Lampwin WIFI Smart LED Bulb(2-Pack), Works with Amazon Alexa, E27 Dimmable Multicolored LED for iOS Android, App Control / Voice Control, Home Lighting


WIFI remote control. Works with WIFI, controlled by APP on smart phones (Compatible with Android 4.1 or higher/IOS 8.0 or higher). Search and download Smart Life in the App Store or Google Play Store, add smart bulb into your account via 2.4G wifi network, you can manage your bulbs with your smart phone.

Voice control Smart bulb. The WIFI smart LED bulb works with Amazon echo and Google assistant, just ask Alexa or Google to turn/off the bulb, or adjust the brightness.

Multicolored & 8 different Scenes. This WIFI smart LED bulb has more than 160 millions of colors, every color is dimmable, you can customize the color and brightness as you like. Moreover, there are 8 different scenes to choose from.

Group control. Create a group, you can control more than one smart bulb with your smart phone or tablet at the same time. You may control the light individually or create different groups.

Timer function. The smart bulb can automatically turn on/off by wireless control at the time you preset. Wake up and fall in sleep with your favorite light color.



Suitable for home, store, super market, office, KTV, party, and other lighting and decoration.




Pick up your phone, or your tablet, control your bulbs immediately. According to your mood, adjust the light and color and enjoy the life. Or you want take a nap or create a romantic atmosphere, control them as you wish. You can adjust the brightness, set scenes and schedule.

Moreover, you can make a voice command with Amazon and Google Assistant to manage your devices. You can also create a group for all your smart devices and control them all in one command.



Power: 7W

Color of Light: RGB+W

Working Voltage: AC85-265V

Voltage Frequency: 50/60HZ

Color Temperature: 2600K-6500K

Wireless connection: WI-FI 2.4GHZ

Wireless standard: IEEE 802.11 B/G/N

Lamp head interface: E27

Life span: >20000H

Product size: 65*115mm



2* Lampwin WIFI Smart LED Bulb

1 * User Manual

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  • Mark Webb
    Good quality budget smartbulb
    Priced at just £10.28 this is a budget alternative to the Phillips Hue or other smart lights but this Excelvan bulb from GearBest connects directly with no hub required and works directly with Amazon and Google voice-controlled home automation. Of course, for this to work you will need an Amazon Echo or Google Home device but even without it you can still fully control the bulb through wifi.

    The standard sized E27 screw bulb arrived in a small and simple box of the sort used by normal bulbs and inside with the bulb was a small but well printed and easy to read User Guide. I enclose a scan of it on the end of my unboxing video, switch to full screen and pause as needed to read it.

    To use the bulb first download the Smart Life app. This app works with a wide range of smart devices from different suppliers and is not used with the bulb alone. After installation follow the in-app instructions to add a new device. Plug the bulb in and it will flash repeatedly to show it is in Setup mode. The procedure is simple enough and is well explained in the app. You will have to input your wifi password into the app and this is then sent to the bulb’s built-in wifi connection. The bulb will then automatically connect to your home wifi as long as the power supply to it is connected. Remember not to turn the bulb off at the socket, but always through the app or Alexa/Google. What happens when the wifi is off, you may ask, it can still work as a normal bulb and can be switched off and on from the power socket or lamp switch.

    Once online and registered with the app you can then turn the bulb off and on, engage a range of preset lighting patterns as well as manually selecting the colour and brightness you want. Once the Smart Life Alexa/Google skill has been enabled and the bulb named and recognised you can then perform most functions just by voice alone. You can turn it Off and On, vary the brightness, and select colours.

    The bulb works well and once it is installed it could not be easier to use. The price and build quality are excellent and if you need an introduction to the Smart Home then this would be a fine choice.

    The Good
    Good Price
    No hub needed
    Alea/Google voice commands
    Good User Guide
    Easy to configure
    Basic packaging
    Limited usability when wifi is down

    Jun 02,2018

  • Bibi
    Versailles dans mon chalet
    j'ai commandé ces ampoules pour un bon prix, la possibilité de les appairer à un google home mini. Entièrement satisfait par ces 2 points. Une fois les ampoules vissées, l'appairage sur le réseau wifi du domicile avec l'application Smart life de TUYA est hyper simple. Elle permet de regrouper les ampoules en groupe (par pièce ou autre), elle permet des scénarios et automatisations. Elle est compatible avec de nombreux produits tels que des prises connectées et autres appareils électroménagers. Ensuite on utilise l’application Home du google home mini afin de contrôler les ampoules ou autres avec la voix. C'est très simple et à un coût très abordable.
    Un reproche sur ces ampoules c'est la faiblesse de leur éclairage. 7W en led c'est peu pour certaines grandes pièces. Il faudra 2 ou acheter des modèles plus puissant. La possibilité de mettre les ampoules en lumière colorée bleu ou verte ou jaune ou... est sympa pour mettre des ambiances. L'éclairage est encore plus faible en lumière colorée.
    Pour ceux qui n'aime pas la lumière blanche style usine mais qui recherche une lumière plus jaune, régler dans les caractéristiques l'intensité et le bright mais ça reste assez blanc !
    Satisfait de mes ampoules et ça amuse les enfants et autres visiteurs. Bien pratique d'allumer les lumières à la voix même la nuit et surtout en indiquant le %age. Par exemple, "Ok google" allume SdB à 5% afin de ne pas être ébloui en pleine nuit lors d'un aller retour au toilettes.

    Oct 15,2018

  • Toto
    Smart Home Lamps WiFi - Works with Alexa
    I am a fan of smart home and am always looking for great equipment that you can buy without spending a lot of money.
    The lamps arrived well packed without any problems. The workmanship seems to me high quality and make a good impression. Since I had already downloaded the Smartlife App, the setup was very quick. You can also set up several lamps at the same time, which is very practical with 2 or more lamps. After the setup and the activation of the Smartlife Skills for the Alexa, the lamps were also directly controllable via the Alexa. The control of colours and brightness works well and fast. The colours seem strong to me and the brightness is good. All in all a good product for which I can give a clear recommendation to buy.

    Nov 10,2018

  • Dan DeLong
    I purchased these for my outside porch lights, they were super simple to set up on my iPhone with free app, you can do it on multiple devices so my husband also has the ability to control lights with all his devices too, the light is not super bright but just right for a porch light, I have multiple TP link outlets as well for other lights in my home and they work seamlessly together, ask Alexa to `` turn on front porch'' and she magically does !! This technology is amazing and would be so helpful for those who have issues with mobility in controlling lights and devices

    Oct 09,2018

  • Herikovesk
    Gostei do produto
    Gostei muito do produto atende as especificações
    Fiquei muito satisfeito chego bem no prazo estabelecido e veio bem embalado .
    Um ponto que poderia melhorar e a claridade de veria se mas forte
    Recomendo e um produto inovador e de boa qualidade e proporciona ambiente diversos na casa.

    Aug 10,2018

  • Allison L. Davis
    Just have to let those who read reviews know how pleased I am with the TP-Link SMART LED Light Bulbs, the bulbs were a bit big, I just screwed in the light bulbs, it is very easy to dim the bulbs and now I can have one or more on based on my lighting needs, setting up schedules with the app is very easy too, now I don't have to leave a light on all day so I don't come home to a dark house

    Oct 18,2018

  • Nuclear Dad
    I started this obsession around Christmas time when I received a starter kit from a family member and slowly been adding more devices a few every month, but the smart lights, smart switches and smart plugs function perfectly as expected, here's what the color bulbs look like on my front porch with a few different settings

    Oct 17,2018

  • J. Page
    They have a warm glow and are not harsh white lights, I downloaded the free Kasa app, the Kasa app also had step-by-step instructions for how to then pair the bulbs to Alexa which was super helpful for someone who had never set up any smart devices with Alexa before

    Oct 09,2018

  • tbrysch
    The light is very bright and I see dimmable, both are very nice and work great, I did have some trouble getting the recessed light to work properly with the app because it was being super stubborn, it's still a nice bulb

    Oct 08,2018

  • hphuhtin
    The TP-Link smart devices can identify the band they need without any help from you in fact you don't know they're doing it, the setup was super fast and easy and the software is easy to use by everyone one in the family

    Oct 05,2018

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