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  • P. L. Wolff
    Overview : I have some extremely dull knives at home that couldn't even pierce a peach, I have some knives that have never been sharpened that are older than me, This product worked VERY well at giving my knives a sharp clean blade while being a compact item that I can store in any drawer, It stays balanced and lays flat so that knives are easily slid through one of three blade styles, While I appreciate having the option of three different blade sharpeners, as my knife drawer is limited to my old knives from a majority of the same set, This product is sturdy and gives a sense of security to someone like me ... who isn't a knife connoisseur

    Sep 26,2018

  • Josie
    I'm not a huge knife collector like some people are, They are great knives but some of them are indeed starting to show their age in that the blades are far more dull then they would have been when they were brand new, This small knife sharpener works with most knives, This knife sharpener is supposed to be used on a flat surface such as a table and you'll notice that it has a small hand grip on it which can be used for carrying it around and it also can be used to put your hand in for keeping the knife sharpener steady

    Sep 27,2018

  • Dusty
    the first two knifes I sharpened with this folding diamond blade were not only very dull they were also very old, After this first knife I practiced one more time on one of my other old knifes before I was ready to use this diamond stone folding knife sharpener on some of my ceramic knifes, I would recommend this product to my friends and family especially if they go camping or have folding knifes

    Oct 19,2018

  • RickB
    I had been using a sharping stone which seemed to take forever to get a clean sharpened edge, This sharpener was not crazy expensive yet the diamond surface is great quality and I was amazed at just how fast it was able to shape and sharpen, With this sharpener I am able to get a razor sharp edge in under a minute and with its durable design I will be using this for years to come

    Oct 15,2018

  • Matroskin
    Very nice knife Enlan M013
    Very nice and pleasant knife! Very accurate work, good looking and comfortable small knife for jeans pocket. The blade moves smooth and does not play, very sharp. I like this knife so much, that I have ordered another one in the same day I have received this order - for EDC and for my collection.

    Nov 18,2018

    It is very easy to operate and sharpens the knives quickly, This is by far the best knife sharpener I've ever owned, but expensive knifes following the manual's instructions, The results were very sharp knifes, less expensive knifes, you need to be a little careful with the knives because they have probably never been that sharp since you have owned them

    Oct 04,2018

  • Bill B
    we just lived with dull kitchen knives, that knife was very dull, I've had some friends who were REALLY into knives -LRB- pocket knives and such -RRB-, but it was more than servicable for kitchen use, My wife used that same knife to cut some cherry tomatoes and it went through the skins cleanly without smooshing the tomatoes

    Sep 29,2018

  • lazlo
    Thansk Gearbest!
    Enlan M013 it is a pretty nice small knife.
    The blade is enough sharp out of the box, the lock is ok.
    The design and the colour is fine.
    Highly recommend,typical EDC knife.
    It is worth for this price.

    Dec 02,2018

  • Kim A. Patrick
    no messes of a wet stone no standing for a long til working on a angles, it was easy put the knife in and the machine does the work, so go sharpen those old dull knifes, I received it for promiotional review and i am quiet impressed by the knife sharpener

    Sep 30,2018

  • Sheba
    smaller than I thought it would be and the very coarse sharpener leaves a lot to be desired, REVOLUTIONARY KNIFE-SHARPENING TECHNOLOGY is also misleading since I have seen the same design used in all three slots in many inexpensive sharpeners

    Oct 12,2018