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  • R. Plank
    The drone has a very stable flight and great video streaming capability considering the cost of this drone, the headless mode and one key return feature were extremely helpful as it was both our first times flying it, once the drone was out of range of the remote, the drone was safe, this is definitely a good drone for the beginner because not only is it fairly reasonable when it comes to price, but it also comes with a vr headset and safety features like headless mode and one key return, making it easy to fly and fun for the first time flier, but I would challenge Holy Stone to reduce the charging time of the drone to about an hour and give a little bit more room to fit the wires connecting the battery to the drone

    Oct 27,2018

  • Dennis J. Chudd
    Great for beginners due to the speed control making the controls dull so you won't crash, it is pretty small but doesn't get taken by the wind as easy as others this size, comes with spare parts too, the flip feature is always fun to show off, I am very happy with my purchase and hope to have many fun hours flying this drone against my friends at work

    Nov 05,2018

  • JoeEE
    Great little drone !!! Fast, has a variable speed control -- perfect for a beginner, durable - but comes with a lot of extra parts, has a headless mode switch with a beeper when in that mode, seems a little heavy for its size but the little props do the job, the folks at Holy Stone are the best -- very responsive and truly nice to deal with

    Jul 03,2018

  • Erica Copper
    Do watch flying in the wind the lightness of the drone makes it hard to control in the wind, one of the easiest drones to fly, if your first time flyer fly it in headless mode make it lot easier to fly

    Sep 18,2018

  • Thomas
    I like it
    Very good stability, nice flying. I have english user guide. Camera dont make professional pictures but it has good quality for home users.

    Dec 27,2018

  • Paula Schroeder
    Excellent Drone, great logical layout controller also providing switch to Headless mode if needed

    Nov 20,2018

  • Leandro Oliveira
    drone com muita qualidade e a um ótimo preço.
    drone com muita qualidade e a um ótimo preço. Muito rápido e boa duração de voo

    Oct 04,2018