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  • Senbono S80
    This is a really good buy!
    Right from the start I really liked this watch... the first impression you as a customer get from a product you bought, or the store that shipped it to you is indeed the packaging... -if the store care about their product and about you as a customer, they make sure the product is properly packed and can withstand the long travel to the destination...
    And that I can appreciate...

    All aspects of this watch seems like very good quality to me, from the little white minimalistic box that’s nicely designed, to the watch base that has this perfect quality “heavy-feel” to it, and the very good quality wristband...

    The user manual is well made and easy and understandable with good English...

    Both the watch and the phone app is very easy to use and quick to set up...

    The wristband isn’t very long, my wrists are a bit skinny to normal, and I only have 6 notches left on the wristband, so some of you will probably need to get a extra wristband...

    The only downside or ‘negative’ comment I can think of, is that to me it looks like the screen (or watch dial) has been laid into the watch base just a tiny bit ‘of’... so the marker that should be exactly at 12 on a regular watch is more like 11:58-11:59 ish if that makes sense...

    But that is a tiny cosmetic ‘error’, and actually the only thing I can put my finger on...

    So the conclusion is, this is a very good buy! I recommend it!

    Oct 11,2020

  • francesco
    acuistato per regalare e incuriosito per vedere cosa poteva fare con un prezzo cosi basso, era in offerta...
    arrivato in in bella confezione, all'aspettto e' piacevole, il conturino in pelle. lo sto provando e per il prezzo lo consiglio. Il software w' semplice e non pargonabile agli altri. misura passi e km ma non fa' vedere i periodi dell'uso. Ma va' bene.
    Ha misurazione battito e pressione, vedro se sono nella media.
    Ha la funzione che se lo agiti, scatta una foto. Funziona me, devi aprire dalla app proprietaria e non dalla camera del telefono.
    Se giro il polso non si accende, anche se ho attivato la funzione...non so....
    Si dice che sia anche impermeabile IP68... quando capitera lo provero e faro sapere. Per il prezzo va benissimo

    Oct 11,2020

  • Minitman
    Montre correcte pour le prix
    Très bien emballée.
    Tout fonctionne avec app F Fit sauf l'allumage de l'écran par relève du bras et rotation du poignet, donc obligé d'appuyer unisuement sur le bouton de la montre.
    Alimentation batterie par câble fourni avec prise montre magnétique.
    Pouvons personnaliser l'écran avec ses propres photos.
    Le vendeur répond aux questions posées.
    Pas de n° de suivi entre la Chine et la France. Un numéro de suivi est bien fourni à l'expédition mais concerne uniquement le suivi en France dès que le paquet est arrivé dans en France.
    La durée d'attente pour recevoir le paquet a été de 30 jours.

    Oct 06,2020

  • Monto
    Very good Seller, beautyful Smartwatch!
    Very good Seller, beautyful Smartwatch! Very good value for money! All same the Picture and description! First impression very good quality watch, first trial all functions works very well. I hope works very long time! In my opinion, SENBONO is the best brand among the "cheaper" smartwatches, I have a lot of watches of this type and I was almost never disappointed! I highly recommend the Seller to everyone! Thank You so much!

    Sep 14,2020

  • Sergey Bykov
    Заказ доставлен за две недели.
    Заказ доставлен за две недели.Упакован заказ в пупырку несколько слоёв,мешочек с адресом и это не считая того,что часы сами имеют фирменную коробку плюс сдвижная.Если пинать и бросать ничто не повредилось бы.Я только за одну упаковку бы поставил 5 звёзд.Сами часы сконнектились через приложение отсканированное штрих кодом смартфона.Всё работает отлично.Продавца и магазин рекомендую.

    Sep 14,2020

    Good value but a thing
    The shape of product is nice but the graphic on display need to be better. The main reason why I bought this watch was the Blood Pressure measurement function. I am not sure whether the accuracy is acceptable. The one major issue is the vibration is not sufficient to notify. It's almost not possible to identify if I am not paying attention on this watch. Otherwise, This is nice watch on it's price.

    Sep 24,2020

  • Meto
    Senbono is one of the best in Smartwatch production, in this category!
    Senbono is one of the best in Smartwatch production, in this category! I was not disappointed again! Very good Seller, very good Product, fast shipping! Same the picture and description! First impression very good quality, first trial all function works very well! Very good value for money! I highly recommend the Seller to everyone! Thank You so much!

    Sep 14,2020

  • Senbono Smart watch
    Bardzo przydany gadżet.
    Nie liczyłem nawet że będzie tyle funkcji
    Poza tym ciekawy i rzucający się dizajn
    Bardzo prosty w obsłudze chociaż instrukcje nie napawają optymizmem a raczej zniechęcają. Tylko jeżeli 56 latek bez problemu go uruchomił i poinstalował to znaczy że nie jest trudno
    Jestem bardzo zadowolony.
    Pozdrawiam. Jarek

    Oct 10,2020

  • Krzysztof
    Czy on jest dla Ciebie..
    To mój pierwszy taki produkt. Co do jakości wykonania nie mam uwag. Zegarek po zainstalowaniu aplikacji pokazuje informacje wskazane przez producenta w moim języku, tzn. polskim. Nie wiem jeszcze ile czasu popracuje na jednym ładowaniu , ale na jednej kresce działa juz prawie dobę. Nie jest idealnym, ale za te pieniądze POLECAM

    Oct 09,2020

  • NeOn
    This is nice looking Smartwatch, i still didn't test it in deep but so far so good

    Oct 21,2020