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  • dfine1979
    This is really a safety device.
    As a safety device, it will get little use. But it is a good thing to have. I actually purchased it not for diving, but as a small air supply to keep on my sailboat for dealing with emergency issues below the waterline.

    Aug 09,2020

  • dfwcyclist
    Lower cost alternate air source
    It took some imagination to attach this to my BCD that was accessible yet "out of the way". But it has added an added feeling of security at a lower cost of a pony bottle.

    Aug 10,2020

  • T-squared
    Not just for scuba
    Lightweight and compact, could mean the difference between a successful egress from an inverted aircraft or not.

    Aug 12,2020

  • A. Cardone
    Five Stars
    use it for work as a safety device entering ballast tanks on ships

    Aug 08,2020

  • R.F. Allemann
    Simple and clean
    This is an excellent product. Does what it is supposed to

    Aug 12,2020