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  • Mark Shane
    AI One 8.1 Android tv box
    Very impressed with the functionality of the android tv box also liked the fact it had a display screen. The setup was straight forward and downloaded of additional apps were simple and self explanatory. I am aware that it does heat up however it does not affect the streaming. The remote control does have the voice option which works well and makes it quite easy to switch to a specific channel instead of using the remote to click thru multiple channels. I was aware that it used android software and I was pleasantly surprised to find an app that I could use my Apple phone to control as a secondary remote control. I have also downloaded kodi separately on to the device and it runs smoothly and I have been overwhelmed with all the streaming options for movies tv shows etc. I have already encouraged and signed other family members who have purchased as well and are now enjoying there android tv box.

    Dec 05,2018

  • Jesus
    Excelente producto, el mejor android box en el mercado
    En verdad es un aparato muy pequeño, lo cual lo hace discreto y no se ve mal en el centro de entretenimiento, pasaría casi totalmente desapercibido si no fuera porque adicional como se puede ver la hora, lo hemos adoptado como el reloj de la casa.
    Lo uso mucho para ver IPTV no solo para netflix, y la verdad me funciona fantástico, los canales en HD no se detienen y además los empieza a uno ver muy rápido en cuanto al procesamiento de la imagen, ya la velocidad de internet es otra cosa.
    Lo recomiendo mucho a quien quiera tener un smart box, yo evalue muchos y por la memoria ram y espacio en disco así como que incluye un GPU para la gestión del video me pareció y sigo pensando que fue la mejor opción, lo probé y después pedi uno más (ya tengo 2)

    Dec 07,2018

  • Damian
    scishion AI ONE Android 8.1
    Box jest mały, dobrze wykonany, na pokładzie Android Tv w najnowszej wersji, youtube śmiga. Pilot posiada Air Mouse to duża zaleta. Jednak lepiej dołożyć te 10$ i kupić mi box który jest certyfikowany przez Netflix.

    The box is small, well made, on board Android Tv in the latest version, youtube is flying. The remote control has Air Mouse is a big advantage. However, it's better to add these $ 10 and buy me a box that is certified by Netflix.

    Jan 09,2019

  • Mahmoud
    I don’t recommend it
    I don’t recommend it
    This tv box is very small and it’s heating up quickly.
    At most times, after running any apps (Google, YouTube or any other app...) the device jumps to the black screen with (Android), remains for less than a minute after return to the main menu, the apps must be run again, I hope manufacturers To find a solution to this problem, send us an update of the product
    Don’t shipping with DHL
    It will costs you (25€) customs fees

    Jul 13,2018

  • Tihomir
    Android 8.1 TV box
    Мога да кажа, че съм доволен общо-взето.Има определено проблем с греенето. Загубва се визуализацията-, екранът става черен. Звукът е сравнително слаб. блутутът също не е стабилен. Средно качество.

    I can say that I am pleased with the whole thing. There is definitely a problem with the sunshine. The preview is lost - the screen turns black. The sound is relatively weak. Bluetooth is also not stable. Average quality.

    Mar 26,2019

  • Atarionnhe
    Excellent Value
    Android 8.1. Box starts up very quickly from soft shutdown (sleep) and is very snappy in menu. The remote is better than regular remotes with it's voice search and quick mouse pointer. Voice is somewhat limited. Streaming is much smoother than my old box (M8S Mini) both with wifi and lan connections. USB 3 is a nice addition. Great value overall.
    Not the best for gaming, but not what I'm using it for anyway. I'm also dealing with the problem of not being able to turn the box back on with the remote after a full shutdown. I have to unplug it and plug it back in to get it to start up. Hopefully it will be fixed with an update. Display on the front is bright, but a little small. No 5ghz wifi.

    Jun 23,2018

  • Benjamin Cosme
    You have to side load certain programs Netflix apparently and some programs that require a rooted system just work, one of the two USB ports will be inhabited by the Bluetooth interconnect for the keyboard that comes with but there's still room to hook up a hard drive and a slot for a memory card, video is clear and crisp

    Jun 05,2018

  • Zbebus
    SCISHION AI ONE Android 8.1 TV Box
    I'm very happy that i buy this device. Android 8.1 works very smooothly and fast.
    KODI works perfectly.
    The best cons: this device has a bluetooth :) and incredible remote control.

    Dec 19,2018

  • Leonardo
    Uma boa TV Box. Eventualmente apresenta falhas.
    Comprei o aparelho porque vi boas e más críticas sobre o mesmo, e resolvi testa-lo. Gostei do pacote, bem embalado com plástico bolha e numa boa caixa. Infelizmente, o o controle por voz frequentemente falha e o wifi não é tão bom (tenho de usar um adaptador wifi para melhorar a conexão). Eventualmente o aplicativo do youtube desconecta sozinho, e a netflix também.

    Oct 08,2018

  • Mohamedikgy
    SCISHION AI ONE Android 8.1 TV Box
    Works great, but some apps are not compatible with my television. I am not sure if this is an issue with the box.
    Very fast, connected with no issues. Totally recommend.

    It lost a star since the packing was not the best and it could have been damaged. The instructions are also not the best.

    Dec 14,2018