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  • wyln
    This is the first laser tape measure I've bought as I was holding out for a bosch, i'm glad I went with this one as the price was more inline with what I was looking for and the measuring distance is greater than the bosch unit in that same price range, I did not read the instructions but quickly figured out how to change the units from meters to ft and almost immediately realized how incredibly easy it is to take measurements with this unit, literally point and press the big red button twice ; you get a pretty distict beep to sound followed by the laser turning off to let you know you're measurement is ready for viewing, I will read the instructions and edit this review if anything changes but it seems like there are many functions such as remembering a few previous measurements - probably useful if you are measuring a box or something with h/w/d

    Sep 30,2018

  • J Gwinn
    This is a great price on a Laser Distance Measurer, the potential distance is more than twice the Bosch, the instructions are not that difficult to read, as stated in other reviews, the measurements are accurate, the indirect measurements two sides of a triangle are very helpful, the unit has many options as stated in multiple other reviews

    Oct 19,2018

  • duckey54
    I purchased mine with the optional laser glasses for outdoor targeting, maybe this manufacturer's line of laser distance tools are not the best for a heavy user such as myself but it just seems that the rubber should hold up better, speaking of holding up the painted key functions on the rubber buttons really leave a lot to be desired

    Nov 08,2017

  • K T Robertson
    This laser measuring tool is really good and I am very happy with it and it really has a very high accuracy and the bosch plan app is amazing but I am a little bit disappointed with the back foldable leg because it was hard to be opened and it broke the first day I bought the tool

    Sep 20,2017

  • AlanAndMel
    This Bosch measurer attempts to go above and beyond typical laser measurers, all the standard features such as continuous measurement, indirect measurement, what separates this device from other measurers are some unique features I will describe below

    Sep 01,2018

  • Oldfoggy
    This is the first laser distance measuring devise I buy as I was replacing a traditional measuring tape, I have been comparing the accuracy all around the house and it is dead on, but I figure this is true on any laser distance measuring devise despite brand

    Oct 19,2017

  • HR_Huffn_Stuff
    This is very handy device, it's is capable of measuring linear distance as well as calculating rectangular areas and volumes, that delivered * almost * the same answer as I received in a direct measurement, the device easily switches between decimal feet

    Apr 10,2018

  • Kindle Customer.
    I really like the ability to display the measurements in multiple formats as well as calculate the square feet of a space instantly, the laser works best in a dim environment, if you are in bright sunlight the unit can not get a reading from the laser

    Apr 16,2018

  • Geoffrey A. Robinson Wood
    There are so many features that if you only use this on rare occasions, this is probably not the best tool to buy as you'll have to dig out the user manual every time, but if you need fast and accurate measurements on a daily basis

    Dec 04,2017

  • AlaskaGranny
    An excellent product, I was looking for a laser measure for some time now with the two main features being the distance measured and the price, this unit has a ton of features and it is fairly easy to use

    Jan 29,2018