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  • Rosario
    Luce posteriore bici
    Luce posteriore bicicletta, insispensabile per le uscite serali o invernali, con la luce ad intermittenza mi renderà visibili a distanza. Funziona con pile ministilo, anche ricaricabili, ve la consiglio.

    The rear bicycle light, which is indispensable for evening or winter outings, with intermittent light will make me visible at a distance. It works with batteries, even rechargeable, I advise you.

    Aug 08,2017

  • Vladislav
    Ярко, заметно, безопасно.
    Даже днём хорошо заметно, про ночь и говорить нечего. Закрепить можно вертикально, горизонтально и просто на карман рюкзака например. Заряда двух ААА аккумуляторов 900мАч хватило примерно на 20 часов в режиме моргания. Он ещё и дольше может светить, но перестаёт работать в режиме двух огней и выключается только выниманием разряженных батарей.

    Jul 25,2018

  • Julia
    I don't like it
    Lights brightly and nice. Two bulbs, color is ok.

    When I put batteries it starts working and there is no option to turn it off. It works constantly. There is a button which looks like power button, but I can only change the lightning mode by pressing it, not turn it off. Maybe my lamp is broken, I don't know. I don't use it because I don't like the idea that I would have to insert and remove batteries every time when I wanted to turn it on or off.

    Nov 06,2018

  • Kir
    Задний габарит для велосипеда
    Прекрасно светит. Очень яркий. Легко устанавливается и снимается. Можно присобачить его к куртке или рюкзаку и тогда тебя видно на дороге. Работает от 2-х батареек ААА, поэтому нет проблем их заменить в дороге во время движения. Вообщем, рекомендос!

    Jan 12,2017

  • Sylvain
    Cold Rider
    Arrived with in the specified time window ,Tracking was a bit confusing and not that precise but good enough for the money spent and worth it.
    Lights are very bright, The tree modes are fine the alternating flash's with varying speed and intensity is a very clever way of using flashing lights to get a car drivers attention and keep me a bit safer
    No cons really for the price this light is a very good choice

    Mar 17,2017

  • Arsen
    Good bicycle rear light with a middle price
    1) It lights quite well. I can even use it like a lantern in a dark place.
    2) Good angels of lights - I can see it properly even from 75 degrees angle.
    1) Clips which locks the case don't work properly. Time will show, but I guess there will be issue with water leaking into the case.

    Mar 23,2018

  • Ehab Sa.
    Excellent Quality & Price
    it's really good.
    i like it. 3 different light options.
    Powered by 2x AAA batteries
    good quality.
    and the best price with Gearbest!

    Apr 04,2017

  • Pablo
    lampeggiante posteriore bici
    Arrivata in anticipo ,il lampeggiante fa il suo dovere è la sequenza di accensione spegnimento si vede da lontano ,unico problema che non ha le batterie ricaricabili ma per il prezzo va bene anche cosi per ora usato poco e continua ad andare

    Jul 16,2018

  • AlexY
    Велосипедный габарит
    Доставка в Москву за 38 дней. Трек номер посылки отслеживал только на территории Китая. Фонарик хороший светит ярко, есть режимы свечения. Это конечно не оригинал, но светит ярко!

    Jul 14,2018

  • tj
    Bike Bicycle MTB LED Tail Light
    very useful in my bike

    thanks gb , really good site for buying i highly recommend this site to my friends.. all are good and cheap product and very useful too.

    Jun 11,2017