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  • Basel Mabook
    ROMOSS Sense 6 Plus 20000 mAh
    I Received this Battery months ago and Just Today came here to give me review.
    Been using it for months,Works Great, Its 100% legit and its has 20000 mAh for Real.
    I Made a video showing the Product From Outside and inside, Yes you heard right i opened the battery to Check what it has Inside and if its Real Capacity
    Make Sure you See the Video.
    It has 8 Batteries and Each battery has 2500mAh.
    Don't miss my Video.

    Thank You GearBest.
    Great Product and Great Service.

    Jan 03,2016

  • Reinaldo Nitta
    Reinaldo Nitta
    Awesome power bank. Does everything it should. Pretty slim and easy to hold. Definitely portable, you can charge your phone with this in yuour bag for instance. LCD Display rocks hard. Really handy to see the % charge remaining so all the guesswork is removed compared to just seeing crappy bars that only tell half the story. Going to get another one of these for my brother :) Cheers, gearbest.
    Shipping speed wasn't blazing fast but it was free :)

    Aug 01,2015

  • Igor Ferreira
    Worth every cent I paid
    Love this charger. Most tend to look the same but this one was a bit more classy, they put some more effort into this one compared to the ones you get at retail shops. This is awesome even for my iPad Air :) Usu just use it for my iphone but using it more for my tablet now these days. It's pretty lightweight so it also follows me around just in case I ever need a top up. Two thumbs up.
    Shipping speed wasn't blazing fast but it was free :)

    Aug 21,2015

  • Angelo_ml
    It has great capacity and its output carging it's pretty fast
    It has a great capacity and probably much bigger than any other powerbank in that price and its charging time it's pretty good. Also the LCD screen is helpful. The only disadvantage I can see is that it weights a bit more than most of the powerbanks I've use. So probably it's not very useful to carry it every day in your bug.

    Other than that I totally recommend it as a powerbank

    Oct 14,2018

  • alexspeh
    Без зарядного устройства, что и следовало ожидать. Крошечные царапки на окошке индикатора. А так вполне себе прекрасный вид, хорошо работает.
    По сравнению с моим бывшим 10000мА, где-то в 3 раза объемнее по размеру, но тот нонейм китаец, котрый фактически не 10А.
    Вот только продавец его отправил не зарегистрировал, простое почтовое отправление, типа мелкий пакет. И оно направляется, по новым "правилам", напрямую в почтовый ящик!
    Берите, не пожалеете.

    Sep 11,2015

  • Taras
    ROMOSS Sense 6 Plus LCD 20000mAh External Battery Pack Power Bank
    The LED display is a great feature and it charges well. Works fine on all my devices. A really great power bank here. Perfect!

    + Great power storage
    + Portable
    + Compact LCD display shows the available power capacity and charging status
    + Ideal for trip&travel
    No cons. It's a perfect product.

    Mar 20,2017

  • Failsafe
    Great bank
    - Very high capacity - easily pumps out 6 full charges for my phone (Lumia 830)
    - Nice design
    - Pretty solid construction. It's constantly rolling around different parts of my car, sports bag etc in just an old sock I use to protect it and it's still fighting strong (had for several months now).
    - LCD became stuck on 82% after a while (still charges)
    - A little big, but that's to be expected with the capacity

    Nov 16,2015

  • Ynad Sasme
    Romoss sense 6, a power bank that keeps its promises
    finally a power bank that keeps its promises!
    its capacity is actually of 20,000 mAh.
    When I received it, the charge was 75% and I charged three times a battery of 4200 mAh.
    It is a little large and heavy (about 420 g, ie about 1 pound), so it is portable but not in a pocket.
    recommended purchase

    Aug 30,2015

  • ISIK
    Excellent External Battery
    -Fast shipping
    -Two outputs
    -2.1A output is very important for tablet pc
    -LCD display is also good to be sure for the battery life
    -20000mAh capacity gives enough power to make multiple charge
    - Very good build quality
    big and heavy but for 20000mAh external battery pack it is normal.

    Sep 22,2015

  • kacper_w6
    ROMOSS Sense 6 plus with LCD
    +huge capacity
    +easy to use
    +cheap price for good brand
    +good quality
    +uefull LCD screen with blue backlight
    +solid box and powerbank
    +quick charging for that huge capacity

    Sep 22,2015