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  • Joe Croissant
    I bought this to put in my newborn's room to monitor the temperature and humidity levels since our venting system doesn't evenly heat/cool the house,the only thing that would make this even better would be if it had an option to light up the screen on demand to see it more easily in the dark

    Sep 30,2018

  • parokyaniedgar
    Love the little unit with functional displays ... tested them both side by side in the living room and got constant temperature and humidity readings similar to my existing devices in the house,excellent product for quality & value :)

    Mar 03,2018

  • Finn
    Looking forward to seeing how the (new) dehumidifier control displays we installed correspond to this device (which we're hoping will be more accurate than the dehumidifier itself),great value for the price - highly recommended

    Jun 05,2018

  • LyntonVibes
    My unit seems pretty accurate,the temperature displayed is the same that my thermostat reads in that room so I would say it's correct,i'll be sure to compare this unit and the humidifier readings but i'm not too worried

    Aug 23,2018

  • grow
    My favorite feature is that it tracks the low and high temp and humidity,this feature is great because I can reset it daily and it tracks the range of humidity and temperature throughout the day

    Jan 30,2018

  • Angelo Messina Jr
    Would buy other model or accurite which is also accurate,the unit is backlit which makes it even better,the only thing I have found that could be improved is to add a base for it ; otherwise

    Jul 06,2018

  • David Drago
    This product works just great,i have both a probe thermometer for roasting and an `` instant read'' thermometer from them that have proved to be a great value

    Aug 28,2018

  • zoilo ruacho
    I like to know how humid it is at any given time & this little device does the trick,i was able to get this for a good price off of today's deals

    Nov 06,2017

  • Charise
    I needed something to make sure the new thermostat was working properly and that the house is at the temperature it's supposed to be

    Apr 04,2018

  • Fantastli
    The display is the perfect size for quick `` heat exhaustion or heat stroke,really though this is a great gadget for a very good price

    Jan 27,2018