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  • Michael Farley
    Seems pretty good for the price point,serves the purpose for light use in a guest bathroom,probably wouldn't be great for everyday use,i feel like after multiple washes these might start to get torn up,this weight of towel is just about right : it is thick enough to be luxurious but it still absorbs water well (which,is a towel's basic job),but the main thing I notice after all these years is the value for the money,but if the towels as solid when you get them,i suspect you will get many years of good use

    Dec 06,2018

  • Am邪zon Customer
    I'm kind of surprised to see other reviews complaining about these towels falling apart and even more surprised to see reviews that say they aren't soft,the towels I received are incredibly soft and after multiple washes I haven't had any issues with the stitching coming apart,i have other towels that i've owned for years and these towels are much softer than they ever were,i feel like they're absorbent and of good quality

    Nov 11,2018

  • Dance teacher
    My husband and I have been searching for the perfect towel and we have finally found it,these towels are fantastic and best of all,i did wash and dry them twice before using and do not have any issues with lint when using them after a shower,it is perfectly normal for new towels to shed but in time that will decrease,some people also mentioned that the towels were not absorbent

    Nov 11,2018

  • Paul Michaud
    I ordered these because I wanted cheap towels to take to the pool and gym,they are soft and fluffy and compare well with towels I use at home that cost three times as much,they both dry well when I use them and dry in reasonable time in my dryer,my more expensive towels don't seem as absorbent and take much longer to dry in the dryer,and the towels still feel great

    Oct 28,2018

  • Supernova34
    We all know new towels always lint,decent thickness and size,much better than towels I have gotten from local stores,i love the rich color,and the bath towels are perfect size,they seem to be really absorbent and soft enough to feel good getting excess water off

    Nov 18,2018

  • Matt & Shannon
    I wanted a fluffy absorbent towel that feels really nice,but these give me a workout when I use them due to their weight,i am a little afraid of how long it will take them to dry after use,so I will try to write an updated review after I have them for a few months

    Nov 21,2018

  • Dennis Lathem
    Best towels we've ever owned,they are thick and soft and high quality,i couldn't believe how great they were for the price we paid,the most absorbent towel set we've purchased,we bought these in red and black and the color hasn't faded in either set

    Nov 20,2018

  • Zero Surico
    We love these towels and our guests always remark how soft the hand towel is,they are way softer and dry faster than the ones we've had before,they shed a bit at first but were done with that by the second wash (in my experience

    Nov 08,2018

  • GTaylor
    I haven't noticed that these towels are more absorbent or dry me more quickly than any other towels,they are generously sized and of medium thickness -- not a luxury towel but not flimsy either,adequate towels

    Oct 29,2018

  • NeoIX
    These are very absorbent and soft towels,better than anything you'll buy anywhere else for the same price and as good as something you'll overpay for at a high end store,and they don't even like white towels ...

    Dec 08,2018