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  • NLS
    Well... works as advertised! Surprisingly well!
    So I got this from some spare wallet money and in a flash sale.I didn't expect much, although I had hopes that because in the East they have great expertise in arcade hardware, they would deliver an "ok" product.Actually it is great. Controller works as expected (although a bit long travel), buttons are ok (not real arcade quality, but definitely ok) and is really plug'n'play.Stick is configured as digital stick or hat control and can even be switched in real time. Most games emulators seem to work with both settings (!)...It even has a pass-through for other controller (for consoles I guess), but haven't tried it.There is a TURBO key that works as advertised for most of the keys and is very easy to set and reset WITHIN a game. I would love configurable repeat time out though (or even 2 or 3 presets). I think it is very fast and some software "misses a beat" (and you wait for the next repeat, so it is not smooth).There is MACRO key, not perfectly explained in the English version of manual.There is also a home key that I am not sure what it does. Same with the 1 to 4 LEDs. No mention.Two of the buttons are treated as "full press" of analog axis (analog triggers). Expected.There are two extra axis reported by the controller, that are not mapped to anything. It would be better if they phased them off as it may confuse some software.Overall, good impression.

    Nov 27,2018

  • Patryk
    Very good arcade stick for beginners
    I bought this controller for around 29 dollars, which is very cheap for what it offers. Features such as multi-platform compatibility (although you need original controllers to connect the stick to PS4 or Xbox One) make this product perfect for LAN-Parties or other events. It also is very durable (it still works after year and half) and comfortable, despite its size being not great for players with big hands, it's really comfy by the inclusion of built-in rubber wrist rest. There are obviously corners cut on this controller, like the buttons not using mechanical switches and instead being connected to a membrane. Also, the inclusion of Turbo and Macro systems poses a threat of getting yourself banned from tournaments. But, for casual online and offline gameplay, this arcade stick is going to be a perfect upgrade from regular controllers.

    Jun 26,2019

  • Ricardo Jose
    PXN - 0082 Arcade Game Joystick
    *Tiene buena calidad de materiales.*Un diseño bonito.*Tiene gran compatibilidad con diferentes dispositivos.*Bajo consumo de voltaje.*Buen tamaño.*Ergonómico.En resumen es un muy buen producto si eres un usuario promedio, se siente bien al usarlo y funciona como debe.
    *La palanca esta muy restringida en su movimiento, es muy cuadrado.*La botonera no se siente tan precisa, falta sensibilidad.

    Jul 16,2018

  • LL
    joystick arcade games
    Good joystick. My kids liked it a lot. Easy to play with several popular and old games. The cable has a good length. Plug & play device with Windows10. You need to configure the buttons in the emulator settings and everything is OK.

    Oct 22,2018

  • Thomas
    Good cost-benefit.
    Very good stuff. Well built. Silent and good quality buttons. Connection with super fast PC. Connection with Xbox one and PS4. Respond well to commands, did not notice delays, remembering that I am a casual player. Great proposal for the amount paid.
    The lever suits make a louder noise and the commands a little far, making it difficult sometimes to carry out the blows. Remembering that the restrictor of this arcade is octagonal. The main counter is the delivery of the Brazilian post office that took almost 150 days.

    Apr 04,2018

  • ShadCanard
    Very good arcade stick
    - "Plug & Play" with Windows 10- Recognized as a Arcade stick in Windows and as a XBox controller in steam games- Low lag input and really good feeling with the buttons and the stick itself- Versus Fightings and Arcade emulators works fine with it- Turbo, Macro, switch between Joystick emulation / D-Pad Emulation
    - Stick might be a little funny at start

    Jul 23,2018

  • Rondineli
    controle arcade pxn
    otimo produto ligou numa porta usb jogol ele ja vem convigurado mas da para voce configurar ele tem ventosas que se fiquicao na superficie que voce colocar ele obvio que tem que ser superficie plana tipo madeira,vidro outros

    May 30,2018

  • Destroya Moasdeus
    Un buen control
    Los botones son muy buenos y la palanca igual, llego en perfecto estado y es compatible con algunos juegos de steamContras: el restrictor es lo que molestaría un poco a la hora de hacer movimientos rápidos

    Oct 11,2018

  • Luis
    PXN 0082
    Cheapest arcade joystick that works with PS4, but with limitations. Works good with Retropie (Raspberry Pi) and PC. Lots of buttons can be mapped. Compact size, not heavy. Joystick can be changed from analog to digital with a simply button.
    You still need to connect an original PS4 joystick to the USB Port of the arcade stick, Impossibile to change or upgrade the buttons (and joystick) to original Sanwa Denshi parts.

    Mar 20,2018

  • juan carlos de la
    pnx arcade
    todo salio muy bien me gusta mucho el producto y muy rapido el envio llega muy rapidisimo a mexico en menos de 15 dias ademas siempre compro en esta tienda y nunca me a fallado muchas gracias seguire comprando muchas mas cosas por que todo sale siempre bien
    todo salio muy bien me gusta mucho el producto y muy rapido el envio llega muy rapidisimo a mexico en menos de 15 dias ademas siempre compro en esta tienda y nunca me a fallado muchas gracias seguire comprando muchas mas cosas por que todo sale siempre bien eee e

    Jul 16,2018