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  • Pamela
    Amazing little device
    This will save you a lot of research...
    - Brightness: it's really pretty impressive. You have to consider that this thing is the size of a soda can... You don't need the room to be super dark to get a pretty bright picture from about 3-8 feet from the wall. In a reasonably dark room, you can back up to about 10-11 feet away and get a massive screen, with pretty good clarity and brightness.

    - Sound: With the Alfawise D2 projector, you don't need an extra link to the sound, and the effect is fantastic

    The best thing about this gadget is that its really so portable, and its so easy to just place on a table, turn it on and start watching. The throw range on this projector is great for how you'll use it- you will have somewhere between an 80-100 inch screen from the average coffee table. It's also awesome that it runs android and therefore can house a ton of native apps and you don't have to always lug another device around with the projector. The battery will easily get you through a movie even if you're also using the speaker. For movies, I'd say you want to connect to a separate bluetooth speaker.

    Mar 17,2019

  • A. Hitzig
    Excellent so far...
    Been using it for a week so far and I'm pretty happy with it. size is small but has a nice weight to it. well built. it is bright enough even with some lights on. User interface is very easy to use and navigate. Remote is used bluetooth, All in all this is a great little projector to use ANYWHERE, but specially when traveling on vacation or camping. it projects a good picture even on a gray wall 5 feet away. the speaker is so much better than any other Pico projectors, personally I have tried 4 others with similar form factor. this is not a bose speaker but it is very good to watch any movie. not much of a bass but I'm sure it is phisically impossible to get anything better in such small space.

    This little projector had the best projected image of any other pico projector I've tested and good solid performance.

    Mar 29,2019

  • Lambert Oliver
    It works great!
    This is a revolutionary product --- a very usable portable projector. It is decently bright; can work for hours on battery; can sit nicely on most surfaces and also comes with a standard tripod screw hole. It comes with Android 7.1, so it works as a portable smart TV on its own. It can also mirror screens of cell phones (I tested both IOS and android) and computers through wifi and bluetooth. Therefore, it has a very convenient and truly wireless setup.

    Apr 02,2019

  • Gale Hughes
    Its perfect! The sound
    Its perfect! The sound, picture, connections, everything!
    - gives a large, crisp, bright image even in semi-darkness,
    - has EXCELLENT in-built speakers
    - wifi connectivity makes netflix, amazon, youtube etc connections really easy
    - connects very easily to phone
    - charges with a simple regular USB cabl

    I looked around A LOT before finalizing this projector and am really happy with the decision.

    Apr 07,2019

  • Winni Simon
    I have my own 100 inch screen!
    My neighbor got one from Gearbest. Last month I was invited to his wine reception and enjoyed an unforgettable movie night with this projector. I searched it on gearbest, but I can't wait, now I have my own D2 mini portable projector. Great product with great value!

    Apr 06,2019

  • Aries Hearst
    Well Worth it for the Price
    I bought this project while really wasn’t expecting much, but for the price, this project really does a awesome job! It works very good, the sound, picture, connections, everything!

    Apr 01,2019

  • Jennifer
    I really recommend this projector
    This is AMAZING! The packaging was really very nice especially the carrying bag in it. Felt like I was opening something that was of great value. Very easy to set up and use.

    Apr 02,2019

  • Robert Arthur
    Great value, great quality!
    This projector is an awesome compact option for a home theater system all while being budget friendly.

    Mar 22,2019

  • Hugo Landon
    Great projector for share with family
    It let me enjoy big movies with my family and friends anytime, anywhere, convenient for me

    Mar 10,2019

  • Sam Nahum
    all 5 star!!
    In general the color is very good and the brightness is excellent. Highly recommend it.

    Apr 10,2019