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  • Paul Newman
    I own several Multi Tools ... and I have to say this one is the biggest and best of them all ... Up till now the leatherman was my everyday tool I didn't like the way it closed the blades or for that matter any of the tools that it carried but it was a quality tool worth every penney ... The file on the leatherman is far better than the sog but the assisted opening is what I like ... A multitool is not only used for small jobs it is a great tool for self defense if need be, I like the fact you can buy additional tools and blades for the Sog, For hunting and fishing you can't beat a multitool and this one is awesome

    Sep 09,2018

  • Pc
    caneta multifuncional portátil tática
    Boa performanceao escrever e um salva-vidas para emergência, pode ser usado para quebrar o vidro oupara escapar rapidamente ao dirigir em uma emergência.
    Tamanho de bolso e leve design para transporte diário
    com tratamento de superfície :processo de oxidação anódica para aumentar o atrito, excelente capacidade antiderrapante, melhorar o coeficiente de segurança.
    Corpo de caneta de alumínio de aviação e cabeça de caneta de tungstênio, adequado para autodefesa, sobrevivência , emergência, etc.

    Jan 10,2019

  • bigD
    Solid tactical pen
    I have bought a number of these pens just because the build quality is very high and you would expect to pay a lot more for such a solid pen. I personally love the weight of these pens and the knurling. I actually bought this bubblegum colour for my wife to keep. Lovely looking writing pen.

    Feb 01,2019

  • Lieblingsfarbe
    The ease of opening and the extra torque when using the pliers it what makes this tool easy to use and one of the better tools to carry everyday, this is great as you will use the knife most of the time, the tools are changeable and you can add other items if some of the originals are not being used, price is great for the quality of the item

    Aug 14,2018

  • Amber Peterson
    The pliers are excellent and the power assist definitely makes getting a solid grasp, this tool is much more substantial and allows for a much firmer grip allowing me to apply more torque to whatever I'm turning or trying to hold still, high quality nylon with a sturdy plastic belt clip that I have no concerns about snapping

    Aug 26,2018

  • L. St Germain
    This is a great little titanium toothpick I'm not sure that it's made out of titanium it's incredibly light weight release the shelf for the toothpick itself probably stainless steel there's about a bazillion uses for this thing so any time you need a sharp pointed object this is a great go to item I highly recommend

    Aug 27,2018

  • Scott Robitaille
    Good weight, does as designed very satisfied with this product, non magnetic as expected of titanium, the acctual pick for sure is titanium albeit a low grade titanium.not sure about the body I suspect the body is aluminum but titanium colored but I didnt buy it for the body

    Sep 27,2018

  • Prentiss Jones
    It has most of the tools you need handily available, the compound leveraging gives you enough grip strength to hold onto pretty much anything you want hopefully not your finger, You also get two spring-assisted blades on the outside of the closed tool

    Sep 19,2018

  • Heed
    The bottle opener is great and the screwdriver is passable, It's not as good as a Gerber center drive screwdriver on a big mutlitool but this little unit weighs a small fraction of a large multi tool and handles most day to day tasks with ease

    Sep 23,2018

  • Kristen D.
    Overall I am very pleased with the product, I had a little trouble with the cover that's over the smaller tools, It's there to create a softer side for your hand when gripping with the pliers, All the tools work well and the assisted open is nice

    Sep 03,2018