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  • DeeKay
    Really worth the money, great fun!
    I'm loving this. It's better than that "Retro Arcade" standalone thing with the 2 USB joypads (aka RS-07), because this one (aka RS-97) supports NeoGeo and Mastersystem right out of the box (in addition to SNES, Genesis/MD, Capcom CPS Arcade, NES, GB, GBC and GBA, which the RS-07 also does). METAL SLUG, baby!
    Further differences: With this one you can also read documents (PDF, DOC, TXT) and with the volume dial you actually *can* adjust the volume (in contrast to "blaring" and "off" on the RS-07!). And this one also has shoulder buttons, but I have yet to see if they actually work!... Also better: Preinstalled games here aren't in chinese file names, but in English!

    It does however still have the problem of lacklustre pixel-doubling scaling, which is a big no-no for retro pixel graphics. Either run it in native resolution (or exact multiples thereof) or give us bilinear scaling. For that, and the extremely horizontally scaled UI graphics, it gets one star off!

    P.S: I have no idea though why the MicroSD slot is built into a cartridge that appears to be for a GBA...

    Dec 05,2018

  • pilnik
    Another great Retromini Retrogame console
    I got it today and I am really happy with it. One con is the screen is not protected by any plastic surface or glass, and it is responsive on touch, but if You care about the game, it will work forever.

    There are tons of games on it, really I don't know how much time it will take me to play all of them. Against any bad feedbacks, the firmware works fine, but you can mod it, and add more emulators if you like, and run even Quake 1. I won't change the firmware, because I am happy with the original.

    There are more slots to save games in the retromini. Also, this is a rare possibility, to play neogeo games and save the game whenever you want.

    I recommend it to every handheld console collectors. The build quality is very good, its solid and works great. Screen colors are good, the resolution is fine.

    Also you can plug a cable and play it on a tv screen.

    Sep 06,2018

  • Chocolaté Del Caribé
    Come back in my 90's childwood so happy ✌️
    my retro game at last i got it and si happy to playing for 16gigas 3000 games from ''Capcom ,Snk NeoGeo,super Nintendo,nes,Game boy advance,Game boy Color,Game boy,Game Gear,Master system,Genesis Megadrive'' all in one and if you have a SD card with more games you got just one word ''Bon appétit''

    Dec 15,2018

  • Michell Franklin
    Beautiful, but low quality product ...
    The product is very beautiful, even has the power to emulate arcade games (CPS and Neo Geo), but it locks all the time, being necessary to reset the console at all times. I sincerely regretted the purchase.

    Dec 14,2018

  • Nuno T. G.
    Retro gaming console
    Loving it, playing some of my childhood and youth console games, it also allows you to watch movies, listen to music and read pdf files. More expensive than other retro gaming consoles but also much superior in quality.
    The game list is huge, from sega genesis to neogeo, game boy color, etc ...
    Definitely worth the order.

    Jun 08,2019

  • G. S
    Zuverlässiger versandt
    Das Gerät ist nach 2,5 Wochen angekommen. Der retrogame sieht aus wie ein nachgemacht gameboy advance. Der Sound wirkt total überteuert, Grafik ist top, die Knöpfe fühlen sich sehr gut an. Im grossen Ganzen bin ich mit dem Gerät zu Frieden.

    Sep 04,2019

  • john
    fast delivery good package and the product is so cool.brought me back great memories

    Feb 13,2019

  • DR_Know77
    Great qualitiy handheld console
    I read the other buyer´s review and ordered it. Great value console with hundred of hundred classic console games.
    If I need next time again!

    Dec 02,2018

  • victor
    retro game
    10/10 exelente consola, en algunos juegos se distorsiona la musica, pero con la actualización va genial

    Oct 23,2018

  • Frank P.
    Retro Spielkonsole
    Großartiges Gerät! So viele Spiele (1000+), dass ich Monate brauchen werde, um sie anzuspielen!

    Nov 17,2018