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  • Szymonstrum PL
    A very useful thing
    I did not expect it to be so well made. It is ideal for pulling wire insulation. It's nice that there is a hole in which you can put your finger on and spin, it helps in pulling down thick insulation.

    Jul 20,2019

  • Sergey
    Отлично за свою стоимость
    Отличое за свою стоимость приобретение, качественный добротный инструмент. У барыг в шесть ( !!! ) раз дороже. Рекомендую, спасибо Gearbest.

    Feb 18,2020

  • slavi
    добър продукт
    Тези ножчета за забелване на кабели са чудесни, толкова много добра работа ми свършиха, а и са два на тази цена.

    Apr 20,2019

  • mike
    looks good
    got it on an impulse buy haven’t used it yet but it seems sturdy

    Jan 02,2019

  • Felipe
    Ótima qualidade
    Produto de grande qualidade, supriu as necessidades que esperava do mesmo. Possui bom material e bom aspecto

    Jan 14,2020

  • Milen Simeonov
    easy unwrap cable insulation easy to use and comfortable

    May 22,2019