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  • Suvarna
    digital oscilloscope .
    I should gearbest for their delivery very fast and shipping good. The product is very very good at it's specifications and usefulness.But for the completeness missed the outer acrylic casing (shell) which is as shown on the product page which is not supplied with the product as mentioned a finished product.No doubt the product is completely soldered and assembled and is without the 12 volt dc adapter which one will require to power up .Even then it is worth more than it's price !!!I would appreciate if gearbest or Seller had supplied the outer protective acrylic casing it would have been wonderful !!! Without the cover it is always prone to external and accidental damage.I hope my review would help others and gearbest as well .

    Nov 19,2018

  • TommyLee
    Oscilloscopio Portatile a prezzo da saldi
    Sono passati svariati anni da quando mi sono interessato all'acquisto di un oscilloscopio da banco di media qualità e quando ho visto i costi ho rinunciato all'acquisto anche perché il mio era un uso saltuario dello strumento. Quando ho visto il DSO138 mi sono detto: a questo prezzo posso pure rischiare di comprare qualcosa che non funzioni come vorrei, ma lo voglio provare. E' arrivato dopo tre settimane, ma non avevo fretta di usarlo. Dopo averlo acceso e tarato ho visto che funzionava bene e il fatto che era a singolo canale non era un grosso problema. Ho anche acquistato un contenitore in plexiglass per usarlo con più comodità, ma l'intenzione è di realizzarne uno su misura con la stampante 3D. Insomma sono soddisfatto dell'acquisto. Penso di farmi un piccolo laboratorio elettronico amatoriale

    Jan 25,2019

  • Taras Sh.
    DSO138 Digital Oscilloscope
    When i bought it - i select "finished product" but, when i receive a package - i find in the box - DIY Kit for handmade assembly.I hope - it's not a big problem to finish it, I'm worried only that after assembly it - it must work correctly.Only for this situation i rate it 4 stars, not 5.

    Jul 04,2019

  • Sergey
    Хорошая "игрушка"
    Учитывая тот факт, что я знал про все недостатки данного осциллографа еще до заказа, то жаловаться не на что. А так набор пришел весь ничего добавлять не пришлось. Запустился с первого раза. Проблем при сборке не было. Фоток сборки не сделал так что прикладываю, что получилось в итоге.

    Feb 27,2019

  • kheno
    Great product for the value!!
    The oscilloscope is fast and efficient. Easy to operate with many features and small size. I suggest you come in an acrylic box for him, but it's sold separately on the site itself. A great product worth charging, besides being a pretty piece. Super recommend it to everyone, especially to anyone who is learning.

    Jan 08,2019


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  • William Oxner
    Hi Today: The Order (18102600941518210609) arrived by CANADA Mail Today Dec. 09 2018.. The mail doesn't usually get delivered on Sunday.. However, they are not on strike anymore.. They now get Double Time for working on Sundays.. Making up for lost time.. The Order was not damaged and it was complete.. Everything looks ALL and O.K. Thank You for the Shipment..

    Dec 09,2018

  • JBedford
    Very worthwhile
    This will save you many headaches since all the holes are ready made in the correct places. Pay close attention to the sequence of the order of construction in the switches and buttons for proper spacing. I'm going to spray paint mine black on the inside (except for face panel) That way, paint it won't scratch off.

    Feb 17,2019

  • jallmeyda
    compra Modulo DSO138
    Negocio rapido e certo. Recomendo o vendedor a todos os compradores do Gearbest. Modulo fa'cil de operar com muitos recursos e tamanho pequeno. Sugiro que venha numa caixinha de acrilico propria para ele, aumentando sua protec'ao. Vou fazer uma caixa para ele. Atenciosamente obrigado.

    Dec 04,2018

  • Luis montoya
    Amazing osiloscopio
    Came very fast in 14 days to mexico, come with the case, wiring diagram, instructions to install, and the test cables, i try watching a signal and works better than i was thinking

    Dec 19,2018

  • Mauricio
    It was all perfect! Ubelieveable fast, came before christmas, however, when counting the pieces, 2 key pieces were missing the two capacitor trimmers. C4,C6 so now I have to buy them, I bet is just two missing components but still, kind of frustrating.

    Dec 31,2018