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  • Aristide
    good for beginner
    I am new to 3D printing. In order to get the price of 4 different colors, it is very worthwhile for you to start printing. For beginners, this is a very good 3d printer. It is so small and beautifully printed. It is so easy to use and combine. You just need to assemble it. I have done some printing, the effect is very good, very smooth. Love it very much. Yes, there are some things to know and remember, but considering its price and size, this is a good starting point!

    Sep 10,2020

  • BR.S
    working very well
    We have a basic 3D printer at home and have tried countless coils of filament, but the result is always entangled. I don't know what's going on with this filament, but we don't have a tangled problem. I decided to buy a new replacement . This 3D printer seems to be working very well. It seems to be a great printer. It is easy to install and easy to load, but I have never printed anything. I will share my work after use

    Sep 26,2020

  • Cassell
    great price
    I have always wanted to buy a 3D printer, but I have never moved the trigger because all the 3D printers I have seen are above US$400-500. When I saw this printer, I decided to buy it. The installation process is very simple, it has everything needed to start printing. The quality of the printing is good relative to the price, and the motor is quite low noise. I will buy another one.

    Sep 24,2020

  • Dallen
    sturdy and quiet
    This printer is very sturdy and I have been able to move it without having to re-level it between prints. Aluminum extrusion is stronger than other products I have used before. All the parts fit well, and the screw seat is very good. Cooling is good, much quieter than other printers I have used.

    Sep 18,2020

  • Anderson
    super easy
    I was looking for an alternative 3D printer because I was tired of buying a patented filament at twice the price. I stumbled upon this one. I have to say that my purchase has worked well. Calibration and leveling are super easy

    Sep 17,2020

  • Neo23
    so funny
    I received this printer soon. When I opened the box, I couldn't wait to try printing. It performed very well. In terms of the price, I am very satisfied with this work. sooooo recommend!

    Oct 02,2020

  • Aat
    easy to assembly
    The assembly is very basic, but when I got it, the entire upper assembly has been completed, even if I made a mistake, it only took 30-45 minutes to complete. Very straightforward and simple.

    Sep 16,2020

  • schrum
    prints very well
    It uses almost any filament (pla, abs, tpu and more) and it prints very well. In fact, they are so good that you can't tell that this is a large part of 3D printing. I highly recommend this printer.

    Sep 23,2020

  • 185J&*
    worth the money
    for its price, I really like this printer, and for the quality, it is worth the money. I think Long 3D learned from other similar printers and improved it to make certain things better.

    Sep 23,2020

  • Olafman
    clear details
    This is the dog I use this printer, it looks very good, the details of the print are very clear, I like it very much

    Oct 07,2020