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  • ~Rory G., Indianapolis
    The mane does get a bit more matted than the photo when washed, I definitely recommend him because he has an adorable face that looks exactly like the photo and his colors are soft and warm, we've enjoyed this little guy for many years and anticipate him being a toy similar to that of the Toy Story characters

    Sep 13,2018

  • Gail P Myrick
    Thank you Baby Einstein for creating such an interactive toy that is also in Spanish !! I only want my LO to have toys with this ability & so far they are the main brand in our home

    Aug 18,2018

  • Betty Chappell
    This Elmo is nice and soft and the perfect size for my baby to hold and hug, the only thing I have to watch out for is if it is irritating my baby's sensitive skin

    May 12,2018

  • Maverick Shircliff
    He loves it !! It is soft and floppy just the way he likes his toys, I know it would make a wonderful toy for a small child because of its softness and durability

    Nov 18,2018

  • Katawampas
    This is such a cute toy, bought it for my baby girl and it is soft and slightly floppy with a good weight to it, stitching seems to be good quality as well

    Jun 30,2018

  • Age
    This BullsEye doll is the only toy of the series he can sleep with because it's the only one that doesn't make noise

    Dec 29,2017

  • Jeepster
    The plush toy elephant came on time and was nice, I was hoping it would be a bit more plush and soft

    Oct 20,2018

  • Mohammed Al Rayes
    Probably would've bought another musical baby Einstein toy if I knew better like the guitar

    Mar 14,2018

  • Honeymacaron
    Thanks Gund for creating a soft toy that the smallest Elmo fans can love

    Apr 22,2018

  • Ethan Smith
    Sweet and so soft !! baby shower gift for an elephant room and mama loved it !!!

    Sep 11,2018