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  • Diane P. Easley
    Work great and stay plugged in, I haven't had the problems those with negative reviews are experiencing

    Jul 20,2018

  • Albert Adkins
    This one is black the color of my living room couch so he can't actually see it

    Mar 24,2018

  • Janiece St. Cyr
    Have the time it's slipped out a tiny bit on one side and hasn't charged at all

    Apr 23,2018

  • Hawaii_Jud
    It lasted several weeks in that damaged state before it stopped working

    Jun 21,2018

  • saralemon
    Works great and no problems plugging in cord with Spigen case

    Jun 05,2018

  • Laurie J Eldridge
    The plastic surround is too bulky

    Aug 20,2018

  • frank mccauley
    Price was definitely right

    May 23,2018