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  • JSL
    ● Colores brillantes y reflejos para aumentar la conciencia de los conductores detrás de ti con anticipación
    ● Superficies reflectantes prismáticas para un retorno más brillante, paralelo a la luz incidente
    ● Material de PVC impermeable y fotoestable, con una fuerte adhesión, duradero para uso a largo plazo
    ● 3 m de longitud, suficiente para docenas de proyectos creativos

    Aug 02,2018

  • Larry Lawrence
    To get the attention you want
    I keep this roll of reflective tape in my bag. In order to attract girls' attention. Because it is always dark at parties, you need some tool to make you stand out. I put some around my wrists and my neck, and when I dance in the middle, everyone will notice me. And after that, everyone applauses for my show of street dance!

    May 17,2018

    Strong Reflected Light
    I've bought two times, the first time for safeguarding my car, the second time for my daughter. Recently, she likes using the flashlight and playing with my car at the courtyard. And now, she is able to create something new!
    The reflected light is strong!!!

    Apr 20,2018

  • Howard
    For riding my bike safely in the dark
    Last time, I had an accident. Because the driver could not see me at night. I am convinced by the theory of the reflection, it is worth trying. Using the torchlight, I found the reflected light is bright enough to raise the attention. Satisfied.

    May 24,2018

  • Richie
    Most cost-effective choice
    It is more useful than LED lights and power-saving, too. The surface is waterproof, and the reflective effect does not diminish greatly over time. I have been using the tape for two weeks, and get nearly the same reflection.

    Apr 23,2018

  • sofien
    Car Safety Reflective Sticker PVC Warning 3m Tape 1pc
    i have receive this product in good condition and i'm very satisfied so i advice to buy it now also shipping was fast, 19 days
    i have receive this product in good condition and i'm very satisfied so i advice to buy it now also shipping was fast, 19 days

    Jun 15,2018

  • Francis
    Glaring reflected light
    In order to know the brightness of the reflected light, I put it in the box. There is no doubt that by attaching the reflective tape on your bike, your car, driving at night will be much safer.

    May 08,2018

  • Sanket Jagtap
    reflector tape
    nice sticking stick easliy and strong to remove once stick,
    reflection is nice at low light also
    used for reflection for cars bike moterbike

    Nov 19,2018

  • Yishay
    Great strong reflector
    Does what it needs to, good price, see quality in pictures, good for cars, bike, scooter, home, truck. Price is fine, fast dekivery

    Jun 19,2018

  • Ari
    Heijastin nauha
    Ok tuote.Tilasin kaksi,joten riittää vähän joka paikkaan.Laitoin kävelysauvoihin,en ole vielä ulkoiluttanut pakkasessa joten ei tietoa pitääkö liimaus pakkasessa.Jotenkin uskon että pitää.Kiitos

    Dec 18,2018