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  • Caiden
    Very good experience
    I bought this device a few days ago and I've been using it ever since. I'd come to simply accept that the readings jump up and down if I measure every single day. The body is in flux way too much to be measured with a device like this on a daily basis. So instead, I measure once per week. In truth, I don't even need it to be accurate, I just need it to be consistently inaccurate so that I can know if I'm moving in the right direction or not.

    Nov 12,2020

  • Leon
    Convenient to use
    I have used multiple scales and fat measuring devices and I am glad to now own this product. Very professional and easy to use. It provides consistent results for multiple users and clients. I would recommend this for anyone that is looking to get leaner and measure body composition. Although I do not believe it is 100 percent accurate, it does provide results within 2-3 % accuracy; and it creates consistent results.

    Oct 06,2020

  • KarenIrene 
    Delivery Fast
    I'm a personal trainer so I have skin fold callipers to use also, but I find this product really useful and would recommend it.

    Dec 12,2020

  • Harriet
    Fast arrived
    Product arrived before the deadline indicated by the seller for the quality price meets its super function!

    Feb 11,2021

  • Irene
    good service
    It is very easy to use, quick and portable, so I now use one as an independent.

    Sep 28,2020

  • Aidan
    Good quality
    Works great! Only problem is it keeps telling me I'm fat!

    Jan 05,2021