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4.6 out of 5
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  • Chris Hagan
    I bought this mostly to see if the hype surrounding this super cheap printer was for real, accuracy were so much better than I imagined from such a cheap printer and it only got better after a few simple upgrades pei glass bed, i line up Benchys from the three printers I have experience with it would be near impossible to tell them apart if not for the different materials, the more expensive printers are still better printers in terms of speed, you don't need to print large parts and are happy with the PLA family of materials this is an amazing printer for home and even light professional use

    Feb 23,2016

  • Billie Canfield
    Incredible versatile and functional laser printer
    ● Good design: really compact footprint - amazing! ● Robust build, well manufactured so it's stable during the printing/engraving process ● Tested on a bunch of materials, works great on everything so far ● Good price and value for what you get ● Customer support were phenomenal !!
    Shipping wasn't exactly fast but free anyway so can't complain.

    Jan 08,2016

  • Victor Bodden
    Excellent 300mQ engraver!
    Fast and accurate based on initial results Works with the software for some great precision presults Setup is never a problem, you can breeze through most of it Price is MUCH lower than other sellers on the internet Reliable seller, good shipping and communication throughout
    Shipping wasn't exactly fast but free anyway so can't complain.

    May 08,2016

  • Craig S. Mitchell
    The first printer worked fine out of the box for one print which came out great before it randomly started having problems heating sufficiently enough to feed the filament, the second printer worked great for a few days of heavy printing

    Jun 01,2016

  • D Hanna
    Print quality is really rather good, i've printed numerous models off ThingiVerse and compared the quality of the Select Mini to other printers and it does quite well, big projects are out but there's lots you can print

    Mar 02,2017

  • Kevin Sprouls
    Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly and do your research and you'll be fine, definitely follow the instructions to setup the wireless because it's much easier than carrying the files back and forth

    Mar 18,2018

  • srptopdog
    I read some forums and watched several videos about this printer before purchasing, it looks like it'll live up to the other reviews I saw, for a first machine, this is worth it ; I am happy I made the purchase

    Jan 27,2018

  • Picard
    This printer is well documented and printable upgrades are available, of course my only gripe is the size of the usable printing area but you do get what you pay for, this little printer is a game changer

    Feb 06,2016

    This is a great beginner machine and is more than fair for the price I have printed hundreds of objects and countless hours of continuous printing and it still works as well as it did the day I bought it

    Oct 09,2015

  • Aleksandr
    Мне все понравилось. Простота работы, программка с открытым кодом. Перевел на русский язык кому интересно смотрите на

    Mar 08,2016