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  • Jackie Waters
    The pieces are much higher quality than I expected, and the tricks are great, my nine year old son has been learning tricks nonstop since he opened this gift and has had so much fun putting on magic shows for everyone we've seen over the holidays

    Nov 04,2018

  • Fausto Fernos
    Perfect little magic trick for preschool aged magicians, great simple trick to teach kids about magic, requires some basic fine motor skill but nothing too tricky for younger kids

    Dec 12,2018

  • Maria antonia
    green toy
    Produto de ótima qualidade, funciona de maneira prática e ágil, é um brinquedo muito divertido e interativo para as crianças, meu filho adorou, e tem um ótimo custo beneficio e qualidade.

    Jul 08,2019

  • William J. Lund
    The kit itself contains a great start for a kid interested, magic tricks, it's a good value for the money, a little cheap looking for an adult but great for kids

    Dec 18,2018

  • Latresa Hervey
    This was a great gift for those interested in doing magic tricks, my grandson's hands were still too small to preform many of the slight of hand tricks

    Dec 14,2018

  • WorkingMom2-3
    This has a lot of great magic tricks in it and the video is very helpful in teaching young kids how to use all the props and tricks

    Nov 27,2018

  • Bahamianfish
    Can't say enough good about it magic set, it's a great way to introduce magic and give the kids some confidence

    Nov 30,2018

  • Ferno
    Very simple trick to master, you can dazzle younger kids and it also makes a good gift for budding magicians

    Dec 05,2018

  • William Russell
    This magic set is amazing, it is not some cheesy kids set that has tricks that everyone will figure out

    Dec 15,2018

  • Melanie Figueroa
    He was excited to put on a magic show for the family, magic is a great way for kids to gain some confience

    Dec 10,2018