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  • KimB
    Well spent 6 bucks
    I bought this watch for its delicate exterior. These rhinestones onlayed around the dial are attactive. The whole watch looks rather high end and expensive in the surrounding of these shining stones. I bet everyone who buys this watch, just like I, must has been attracted by its apperance at the first sight. As for its quality, it is very solid and no flaw appears yet. It may take time to figure out its accuracy. So, for the time being, I'm satisfied with the item I've got at less than 6 bucks.

    Aug 01,2014

  • Diane Krause
    Extremely delighted with this :)
    It far exceeded my expectations! For the price of admission, I actually wasn't expecting much...but this watch
    was sooo beautiful, and the price was so low, I decided to give it a go!
    Was I ever surprised when I opened the box and this little beauty came out!
    Lol! I hate taking it off...that's how comfortable it is. I sometimes forget it's on and sleep in it!
    So get'll thank me!! ;)
    NO complaints

    Feb 05,2014

  • George Walker
    Perfect watch
    This is a very nice watch! Bought it for my daughter and she wears it ALL the time and gets many compliments on it. She wants me to buy her another one in case it gets ruined.
    NO complaints

    Jan 07,2014

  • jonathan
    esta muy bonito, tiene un diseño estupendo

    Dec 06,2015

  • andres garcia
    buen reloj
    buen diseño me gusto el detalle transparente
    la correa se siente muy delgada

    Feb 12,2016

  • romina
    nota de sol
    Este parece único en la tierra. Todos debemos de tener uno en este modelo. Es increible
    No tiene algún motivo por el cual les diría que no lo compren. Muy buen gusti

    Jun 05,2015

  • chris
    Very original design
    Unusual design, works perfectly after 9 months.

    Sep 29,2017

  • antonio
    modello molto originale nella versione elegante...ottimo per un regalo a chi ama suonare
    nessuna controindicazione

    Jul 25,2016

  • Lemmy
    Love this
    I Just Love this!!!!!
    Lovly watch!!!!
    no cons

    Jun 08,2016

  • Steve
    Great watch easy to use looks great
    Larger face than expected for a ladies watch.

    Jan 02,2015