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  • A.V.
    it's OK for this price
    The package arrived in 3 weeks, The box of 2 of the 3 items got dented a bit. It's a pity because I wanted to give these as a Xmas present for my nieces. Other than that the product seems unused, although it didn't come sealed.
    The box shows the red colored earphone, even if it's the silver inside. It can be also frustrating if you plan to give it as a present, as the person (especially children) can question why he/she didn't get the red version.
    The build quality seems quite good. It has plain cables with a little bit bulky controller. The hidden buttons seem firm when you push.
    The sound quality is average at best, bass is too much, therefore it's bad out of the box, you need to tweak the sound with EQ. Some phones - like my Xiaomi - don't let you modify EQ in stock system-sound controller app when you connect Bluetooth, in this case download an app like "EQ+Bass" from Play Store. It helps a lot, solves the unbalanced boomy sound issue and after that it sounds reasonable.
    I have an issue though, there is a constant beeping sound in the background when the earphone is connected. It can be heard only when music has a more silent part or fading in/out. That beeping digital noise is not happening with a Sony bluetooth headset, just for comparison.
    The simple voice assistant has Chinese and English language. You can change between these by pressing + and - buttons together for a few seconds. Also you can increase/decrease volume of the this headset, independently from your phone, long-pressing the + or the - button, even if these buttons are set for jump the next/previous song.
    To turn on/off the earphone just long-press the button in the middle.
    Wearing this earphone is comfortable. Stays firmly in the ear and seals the ambient noise well.
    Bluetooth connection had no issue, about 10 meters is correct, even through walls and whenever you loose the coverage, it reconnects very smoothly, continuing streaming well, without missing parts of the music.
    I haven't tested the exact listening time as I started to use it without charging it to max, but it worked at least 3 hours, I'm not sure if it lasts 5 hours, maybe only if you use it with a microsd card as an mp3 player and turn off Bluetooth.
    I purchased this BT earphone for $3.33 in the 3 units promotion. Other headsets cost around $20, so I can't really complain.
    If you are too picky about listening experience, superior sound quality, audiophile stuff, this product is definitely not for you. But it delivers what it promises, and as far as it works, I'm ok with that.

    Nov 30,2018

  • espezetka
    Poor battery and good sound
    Cheap headphones with good sound. Well made and packaged.
    Gearbest advertises that they can play for about 5 hours, thruth is, that the battery last only for about 1 hour of playing music. Standby time is better but not as advertised 240 hours. So really bad performance by battery.

    As i said later, the sound is really nice, no overbassed s**t, loud enough to hear music in really loud enviroment.

    another CON...I´ve had to use superglue for earplugs because they was wearing off the speakers and remained in ears. No big deal but it might be dangerous

    I woll probably set up ticket because the battery life

    Dec 05,2018

  • Auricolari
    Peccato per la durata della batteria...
    Il materiale sicuramente non è il top, ma per il prezzo pagato, non ci si poteva aspettare chissà cosa in fondo...l'audio è buono, il collegamento bluetooth rapidissimo e la tenuta soddisfacente, ma la cosa che rende queste cuffie veramente interessanti è lo slot per la tessera SD! Questo fa veramente la differenza! Così facendo diventa praticamente un mp3...unica pecca, la durata della batteria piuttosto breve...ed è un vero peccato perché altrimenti non avrebbero nulla da invidiare agli altri auricolari in commercio!
    In sostanza, sono soddisfatta!

    May 06,2019

  • Muhammad alkassem
    schlimmer Kopfhörer
    im Vergleich zum Preis sind sie sehr schlecht und wach
    es gibt nicht viel zu sagen
    in der Beschreibung gab es dass es bis 5 Stunden Musik funktioniert aber Wahrheit ist st nur 2 Stunden

    Nov 27,2018

    They are good enough. Good sound for their money. The quality of the material is ok (you can see the plastic is not that good). Good for running (they are not falling). You can use them for calls (nobody complained that he can’t hear until now).

    Jan 13,2019

  • Guillaume
    good product for its price
    you can listen songs directly from a micro SD, decent sound Quality and easy tot charge. Quality went down with q little background noice after 3 weeks of use like with all other cheap earphones

    Jan 02,2019

  • yassine
    M13 wireless Magnnetic Metal bluetooth
    Wonderful packaging and excellent sound, elegant shape, light comfortable and well worth it and High sound
    Connecting with Bluetooth is easy and fast

    Jan 09,2019

  • T.B.
    M13 Earphone
    Bei dem Preis müsste ich eine Bewertung schreiben.
    Lieferung ging schnell.
    Verpackung gut.
    Zu einem sehr günstigen Preis super Qualität. Ausgepackt uns einfach zu bedienen. ich war überrascht was für ein guter Klang aus den kleinen Dingern herauskam.
    Sehr zu empfehlen.

    Nov 22,2018

  • SAMI
    good produt
    سماعات جيدة
    الصوت نقي و مرتفع
    وقت البطاؤية حوالي ساعتان
    انصح بشراء هذا المنتج

    Feb 11,2019

  • mohamed amine
    M13 Écouteurs Intra-Auriculaires 
    Excelent price, a good relation price/quality.The material is average/good. It works 

    Jan 21,2019