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  • Emmanuel N.
    Tak (0) Kolor: Black
    I got my Fitness tracker smart bracelet, its band is soft and comfortable, apart from the multi functions it has like heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor it also analysis the quality of sleep which is an added advantage to take proactive steps to improve on ones sleep, I am thoroughly contend about it and is surely a good to have product for oneself

    Sep 29,2018

  • Hollie A.
    Tak (0) Kolor: Black
    I bought it to use as a fitness tracker but honestly my favorite feature has turned out to be that I can read texts on it and receive phone call notifications, I feel like the heart rate monitor is actually pretty accurate

    Oct 25,2018

  • Maudie
    Tak (0) Kolor: Black
    This sleek and comfortable Smart Watch Fitness Tracker that holds a great charge, monitor my blood pressure and be compatible with my Smartphone - it does it all - with a great price value

    Oct 18,2018

  • Morgaine
    Tak (0) Kolor: Black
    The battery power on the watch is great, the step count seems fairly accurate and the heart rate monitor seems fairly accurate as well, but so far I am extremely happy with this purchase

    Dec 04,2018

  • Leslie Fisher
    Tak (0) Kolor: Black
    I love the smart band !! There are so many features that I like, the heart rate feature is great, I will definitely recommend this smart band to all of my relatives and friends

    Nov 02,2018

  • pugarooni
    Tak (0) Kolor: Black
    The distance tracker is decent, the heart monitor is great when it's able to find my heart rate I have a weak pulse

    Nov 08,2018

  • Neil W.
    Tak (0) Kolor: Black
    The heart rate monitor is amazing

    Oct 29,2018