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  • Kev
    Tak (0) Kolor: Negro
    Better than expected
    Having seen this item for sale, I thought I would just have to get one. I do a lot of photography, especially close up, so this is the perfect thing for it.It comes complete with a long lead with a USB plug on the end and a ball joint which can fit on a tripod.You can dim the lighting via the control on the cable and you can also switch between warm lighting and white lighting.This is a really great addition to my photography kit and it will see plenty of use.

    Feb 08,2019

  • konstantin
    Tak (3) Kolor: Negro
    Fill Light Live
    отличная лед лампа ,3 разных цвета,яркость регулируется,соответствует описанию ,доставка быстрая,можно использовать вместо светильника,рекомендую.excellent ice lamp, 3 different colors, brightness adjustable, as described, delivery fast, can be used instead of the lamp, I recommend.

    Feb 18,2019

  • Ellie
    Tak (1) Kolor: Negro
    USB light is good
    Not bad for the price. USB is really the reason you're not going to to get a bright enough light to fill up a room. Good to get up close and personal or to get some fill light will work just fine. You can never have too many lights as a photographer / videographer. Being USB it's going to be good to use with a portable charger in the field or a car charger in a car depending on how demanding your selfie needs are.

    Jan 02,2019

  • Fábio Rodrigues
    Tak (0) Kolor: Negro
    Muito bom mas é pequeno
    Nos comerciais das redes sociais eles passam como um ring light bem maior do que de fato é... Porém o produto é de qualidade e eu recomendo tanto é que vou adquirir mais um, ele atende perfeitamente o que promete.

    May 20,2019

  • Sohail akram
    Tak (0) Kolor: Negro
    Completely satisfied with the product
    The product delivered is absolutely fantastic for its price range all though the box was little bit scrambled it might be due to shipping handles but its negligible wheres are there weren't any damages to the product..Anyways the product is 100% genuine and the seller delivered what they promised for...!! Thank you for the product

    Mar 25,2019

  • Adi
    Tak (0) Kolor: Negro
    Great lamp
    It has a long enough usb cable and many light adjustment settings. Everything as seen and described in pictures. it is worth the money. I wish they had the option to add a tripod, because you need one for it to.

    May 17,2019

  • Della
    Tak (0) Kolor: Negro
    Perfect selfie ring light with surprise
    Very happy with this product, it works really well. The ring light is bright, sturdy and durable all settings work effectively, adjustable brightness makes all conditions easily filled with light, all 3 light colors are equally bright dimming works really well. I personally use mine for live videos and its perfect.

    Dec 11,2018

  • Eidrian dos Anjos Silva
    Tak (0) Kolor: Negro
    Bonito mas frágil
    Infelizmente pela primeira vez fiquei desapontado com um produto vindo da GearBest.A entrega foi extremamente rápida média de 25 dias mas infelizmente o produto veio avariado.Sei que isso não é culpa da loja e sim dos correios.Mas mesmo assim o produto é de um plástico não muito resiste, plástico fraco mesmo e quebrou exatamente em cima do apoio do suporte.Agora o produto não para em pé.

    Apr 16,2019

  • franc
    Tak (0) Kolor: Negro
    Best ring light compared with its price
    As i typed on title, this is the best ring light for that price.It comes with an usb 2.0 port that gives power to it. It has a controller for brightness( 5 levels) and color temperature (warm white, cold white, mid white).It's lightweight and simple. it does what it has supposed to do.No issue at the moment.

    Apr 01,2019

  • Andre Linzmaier
    Tak (0) Kolor: Negro
    Awesome selfie light!
    I ordered this ring light for my wife, she absolutely loves it! Light is bit smaller than in the pictures, but I'm not complaining. Light is strong and bright! Usb cable is long enough! Love it! Ordered this light without tracking, waited for a long time but it arrived! Definitely recommendable!

    Aug 05,2019