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  • Edem
    Be free, up to three meters USB cable!!!
    Very fast delivery, everything well packaged, and the charging cables are also separately, individually packed.I have ordered the 30 cm and 300 cm variant.The short one for my Raspberry Pi 3+, the long one for the Couch. Real liberating, that you can get everywhere with the long cable :)The charging cables are visually very nice. Both plugs have a metal shell with a nice finish. The cable itself seems very high quality. Externally with a fabric grooved, which looks good and is pleasant to touch.Absolutely recommended!

    Mar 16,2019

  • Zyu
    This one suprised me!!
    I was usually buying the cheapest of the cheapest chargers on here and I must admit, it was a mistake, turns out by investing a few dollars more into a good charger can be a good thing, this thing even came with an anti-static bag where other cables just come in a regular plastic one, the feel on this cable is just amazing, it's also flexible while staying and feeling durable, the charging speeds are insane with this one, definitely recommend and I already bought a second one for a friend

    Jan 27,2019

  • Mattex
    TIEGEM Micro USB Cavo Carica Rapida USB
    buonasera, Inizio dal fatto di aver provato molti cavi di varie marche e acquistato molti casi originali.Devo dire però che questo cavo è perfetto. I materiali sono ottimi, supporta la ricarica rapida e si può ordinare i varie lunghezze.Anche i colori sono molto cavo che ho preso io è in nylon molto resistente e la porte micro usb e usb sono protette.Il prezzo è leggermente più alto degli altri cavi usb ma ne vale la pena.prodotto consigliato!P.S ne sto ordinando un altro.

    Feb 16,2019

  • Mahony
    Nice cable for a good price
    First of all i didnt checked the fast charging ability, i dont own a measuring device . I ordered the black cable in one meter. The look is very fine, the quality is nice and neat. The cable shell is a braided type fabric, furthermore it has on both endings a bending protection made out of polymers. Due to this first impressions i will order a few more of this cables. Pro:Value for money ratio is awesomeHaptic is niceQuality on the first impression is fineCons:Nothing except for the shipping , it took 5 weeks to germany.

    Dec 28,2018

  • MoloGdl
    Buen Producto
    El cable se ve de buena calidad, los extremos de las conexiones estan bien reforzados para que no se doblen y se rompan los cables de forma interna, o por algun jalon pierdan conexion.No se enreda y carga y transmite datos perfectamente.Incluso trae una pequeña banda tipo velcro para amarrar el cable cuando lo transportas.Lo recomiendo ampliamente.

    Feb 26,2019

  • Tatarakis
    Nice Quality
    Everything well packagedVery Nice Build Quality & Fast Charging data cable amazingA very good cable and it’s worth for the money ! The feel on this cable is just amazing, it's very flexible

    Apr 08,2019

  • tamas
    This is my third Tiegem Micro USB Cable. Since I have good experience with my earlier purchases I've decided to buy another cable from the brand. Hope it'll be as good as the others I've been using for a while.

    Jun 18,2019

  • Krzysztof
    Tiegem Micro USB Cable
    The cable is very well made. Metal tips, very nice braid. Unfortunately, I can not check if it supports Qucik Charge. My Asus Zenfone 2 reports an incorrect charger when I connect it with this cable to the SpedCrd QC 3.0 charger.

    Jan 01,2019

  • Paulo Vitor
    Bom Cabo
    Gostei do produto, a qualidade de transmissão não é 100%, como um original. Mas, a construção dele é justa.Embora ele tenha uma estrutura mais "bem pensada" do que a de um cabo comum, o material é de baixa qualidade. A parte próxima à ponta do cabo, que na foto parece ser de borracha, na verdade, é feita de um plástico duro e pouco flexível, forçando igualmente a quebra do cabo. Porém, o revestimento em corda alivia esse atrito.

    May 03,2019

  • Charging cable "TIEGEM"!
    Good charging cable "TIEGEM"
    Very high quality charging cable "TIEGEM"! Beautiful design! Metal tips! Length 1 meter! Beautiful light cable! Charging current - 2.5 A! Quality and reliable product! I recommend this exercise !!!

    Jan 15,2019