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  • Matthew D. Pugh
    I don't expect platinum quality for a device that costs less than five bucks, this has also allowed me to use a European device that I purchased over here in the states, always check your device to make sure it's compatible with the voltage you're plugging into, if your device requires and/or is better used with a ground ... know this unit doesn't provide for that and your mileage may vary if you try this with such devices

    Jan 13,2018

  • Сергій
    High quality cable!
    Отлично! Рекомендую. Качественный и удобный кабель, надежное крепление, прочный магнит, качественная оплетка.Fine! Recommend. Qualitative and convenient cable, reliable fastening, strong magnet, high-quality braid.

    Apr 08,2019

  • Aleksander
    Хороший кабель.
    Кабель хороший, но не отличный. Работает без нареканий, но потихоньку облезает краска "мокрый асфальт", плюс "папа" micro-USB входит в гнездо телефона не так плотно, как хотелось бы. Если тянуть за кабель - вытаскивает из телефона.

    Oct 25,2018

  • Martinez Artistides
    excelente producto
    super recomendado, cable resistente y de buena longitud, el imán es bastante fuerte, solo se acerca un poco y el mismo se adhiere de manera correcta al conector.

    Aug 30,2018

  • Cbo
    cell phones & typical travel gear, Most electronics are dual voltage and can be safely used with this adapter in Europe and UK, I suggest a less fiddly adapter for high wattage appliances or buy locally if you will need something extensively

    Jan 22,2018

  • Alvin D. Tiffany
    your appliances are dual voltage, These plug adapters are also very lightweight, so if your hotel room has only two -LRB- separate -RRB- outlets, the adapter is quite large and won't accommodate anything else in the same outlet at the same time

    Mar 06,2018

  • Frederico Santos
    Magnet charger
    I love it, its very pratical, i bought a few for all of the cellphones and tablets in the house, now i even need to look for the type c cable or the micro usb cable, thei all gave the adapter in them and i just need the cable to put them on charge

    Oct 08,2019

  • Hannah
    For about a year now I been buying only anker products all the way from cables to speaker car chargers home chargers phone cases and the best product is portable charger you can't go wrong with this brand anker is simply the best

    Oct 01,2018

  • Mr. Author
    These power plug adapters are good for adapting plugs to fit into any outlet, however you will also need a converter for most countries, I bought several of these adapters and a couple of converters to take to the UK with me

    Jun 13,2018

  • Paradox
    Most modern chargers -LRB- phone and laptop -RRB- can handle all the different levels in different countries, but simple electronics -LRB- like a desk fan -RRB- will either get too much electricity and overheat/catch on fire

    May 18,2018