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  • Thomas Juliano
    Just the right size, not too short and the grip is comfortable and excellent because of its dual texture design, It's a beautiful and very versatile knife, the sharp attention went into the design of this knife very visible in all aspects, Even there is a hole is the handle which helps if a decides to run a paracord through it for any purpose.It is a very sharp knife and well made, Also the Free sheath included with this knife is equally good quality and useful, There is a belt clip on the sheath and this clip is reversible means it can be fixed on either side of the sheath as I wish

    Apr 25,2018

  • neil j.
    Knife came extremely dull and the finger grooves leave a bit to be desired for reverse gripping, Unless you get a perfect purchase on the handle it's too thin to be comfortable, Plastic sheath has excellent retention but the clip does loosen over time, All in all a decent knife after sharpening but it is definitely not for fast deployment with the finger grooves, but it won't be comfy if you grip it slightly off and an uncomfortable grip will yield to imprecise results

    Jun 25,2018

  • Andrei
    Jun Lang JL - 10 420
    Хорошая, крепкая застежка да еще и с сюрпризом. Я собирался заменить пластиковую застежку на сумке через плечо купленную тут-же. Застежка не расстегивается, можно прицеплять большую нагрузку. Можно в виде пряжки на ремень сделать. Лезвие переставляется обратной стороной и получается классная рукоятка! Отмечу, что лезвие держится очень крепко, можно смело резать как ножом. Хорошая заточка.
    Недостатков не выявлено. Разве что закалка металла могла быть получше, но это уже другая цена.

    Dec 27,2017

  • Mikey R
    It's a offensive / defensive weapon and that is the purpose for which it serves me, If you are carrying the knife on your belt go to you tube and look up paracord knife handle wrap and that will solve the loose clip belt issue, Bottom line ... It's a good solid knife for the price and that's all I have to say about that

    Feb 11,2018

  • Nishant Agarwal
    My New Unboxing Knife
    This portable knife is very cool and I just love the Autobots design on the knife. The golden colour looks very nice. The sharpness is just amazing and you just need to drag it and it will cut anything. I'm loving it.
    Talking about the cons, I think the one I got looked used before as it had some scratches on it and it also looked a bit old and worn out.

    Aug 14,2018

  • J. Carpenter
    I love them because of the excellent quality and amazing design, The grip is more textured than expected, The end of the full tang handle is a large ring and a solid crusher, The edge is well held and sharp so for, The sheath has a solid clip so I can carry the knife easily

    Feb 28,2018

  • J.D.
    I've always had a preference for folding knives and recently started buying fixed-blades, I'd been in the market for smaller knives that I could conceal easily, I like the ambidextrous and positioning options for adjusting the belt clip

    Jun 23,2018

  • Kamil
    Mini knife
    I made a bracelet witch it. Really easy and simple to use, sharp blade, my friends dont know what it is in my bracelet, its too big + for me ;) Who know paracord only know what it should be.
    Only price, in this money u can buy 2 knifes steal 440 in gb.

    May 11,2018

  • Tom Showers
    This kind of the knife I ordered several different styles of knives from different vendors and I was a little apprehensive about this one given the low price and lack of a lot of reviews but I was very pleasantly surprised

    Oct 12,2018

  • Diane P.
    This knife is great but it has some bad stuff like the paracord it gets very dirty and the belt clip when you have to put the knife away you can get cut because you can confuse the belt clip and the place where you put it away

    Apr 07,2018